With obesity taking endemic proportions almost all over the world, the search is on to find newer and better ways to fight the flab. One such solution that has been applauded by experts and laypersons alike is the intake of green tea. Though it has been known for long that drinking green tea has several health benefits, it’s only over the past few years when its weight loss properties have come to the forefront.

Green Tea and Weight Loss

Several studies have proved that green tea can help the body burn fats and calories, and even suppress cravings for unhealthy snacks and foods, which is why it is used these days as an ingredient in many popular diet and weight loss pills. However, some experts warn that drinking green tea may not provide you with fast results comparable to some other weight loss products, though its intake can surely help you lose weight without compromising your health.

How does green tea help in weight loss?

The active ingredient in green tea – epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), speeds up the body’s metabolism, which in turn helps people lose the kilos. According to some studies, with the intake of green tea, a whopping 70 calories can be burnt a day!

ECGC also works to stimulate the central nervous system, thus releasing fat into the blood stream and helping your body to use the fat as fuel. This procedure of using fat as fuel is called thermogenesis. This procedure involves the shedding of surplus water, production of extra energy, and the burning of body fat.

Green tea is also known to have the ability of reducing fats in the human blood namely triglycerides and cholesterol. What’s more, it curbs your appetite, which makes you less prone to hunger pangs, which would have otherwise been satiated by gulping down fries, burgers, and other unhealthy snacks.

Another weight loss benefit of green tea arises from its restraining affect on pancreatic lipase, which is secreted by the pancreas and helps in the digestion of fat. Consequently, the speed with which fats are broken down into triglycerides by your body is slowed, as is the rise in levels of triglyceride in the bloodstream which is usually noted after meals.

You will experience increased endurance during your workout sessions when you drink green tea or use supplements that contain this tea as a key ingredient. All of us know that exercise is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight. When you stick to a regular exercise regimen, you not only end up burning calories, but also give a boost to your energy levels and aid muscle building, which in turn enhances your metabolism and helps you to lose weight. The catechin polyphenols, which are present in green tea, work to stimulate your liver and muscle cells to use more fatty acids. Consequently, your body starts using carbohydrates at a slower rate. As more carbohydrates remain in your body, you are able to exercise for a longer time frame, which in turn helps your body to burn more calories.

Since green tea helps in the slow release of carbohydrates, it prevents the sudden rise in blood sugar levels. In people who suffer from sudden increase of blood sugar levels and insulin, fatty acids get transformed into fat molecules, which are then stored as fat droplets. But when you drink green tea or consume green tea supplements, such sudden rise in insulin can be avoided. As a result, fat burns faster without getting locked into the fat cells.

Supplement green tea with a healthy diet and regular exercise schedule

You should remember that green tea isn’t a magic pill that would help you become slim overnight. But you can speed up the weight loss process by complementing its intake with a balanced diet and a fitness schedule that targets the problem areas and helps you shed weight quickly.

Include green tea in your routine

Whether you have been drinking green tea for quite some time now or taking green tea capsules will provide you many health benefits.You may have to bring small changes in your daily routine to turn this into a habit. For example, instead of having green tea randomly, ensure that you drink it in the morning while starting your day, sip a cup of it in the evening, and then take it again before bed.

It’s important to note here that irrespective of your weight loss goals, intake of a warm cup of green tea at the end of the day would help your body and brain to relax. Since a good night’s sleep contributes significantly towards shedding weight, you can look forward to a good night’s sleep with green tea’s consumption. However, it’s advisable not to drink this tea too close to bedtime, or else, you may end up making trips to the bathroom, thus disturbing your sleep, more so if you are pregnant or suffering from incontinence.


Bio:  This post is written By James Hundson fitness expert. Green tea is natural fat burners, which boost your weight loss metabolism and burn extra fats. Enjoy the tremendous benefits of Green Tea by consuming it, in your daily life.

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