Many definitions of alternative medicine have circulated all over the World Wide Web stemming from diverse schools of thought and this only led to confusion. Truth be told, alternative medicine has no exact definition because the boundaries are unclear. However, to simplify and to give readers an idea of what it’s all about allow me to give a brief definition of alternative medicine based on the majority of definitions provided by legitimate medical authors. Basically, alternative medicine is a kind of practice that aims to heal just like traditional medicine the only difference between the two are the methods being utilized to achieve wellness. The medical diagnoses for alternative medicine are also not recognized in conventional medicine but even though its practices differ from the traditional and have not been proven using scientific methods still people have chosen to patronize alternative medicine by their own volition.

The use of alternative medicine became popular when people discovered its natural healing benefits. Unlike traditional medicine which generally involves surgical procedures and pharmaceuticals in treating illnesses, alternative medicine, on the other hand, makes use of techniques like energy, healing touch, acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal medicines in the treatment and prevention of diseases. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as many as thirty six percent of American adults rely on alternative medicine in addressing their health needs.

The demand for alternative medicine has significantly risen for the past years and as a result, the market positively responded to this need by increasing and expanding their array of alternative medicinal products. Since there are quite a lot of alternative medicinal products out in the market today it is essential that you must be aware of its effects making sure that it will not undermine your health. To avoid health risks it is important to do the following:

  1. First and foremost, you must sit down with your doctor and discuss the kind of alternative medicine you would like to try out. Since these medicines have not been backed up by scientific evidence you might as well ask someone who knows much about it just to make sure that there will be no possible side effects. Also if you are taking other kinds of medications the alternative medicine that you intend to take might negatively interact with your current medications. These are just some of the reasons why you need to deliberate with your doctor.
  2. No one else is responsible for your health but you. You are fully accountable for your body so before you purchase a particular product, take for instance Tongkat Ali Extract; you need to do research about it first. See what other users have commented about it. Read product reviews and feedbacks and visit reliable websites and forums where doctors interact with their audience in cyberspace.
  3. It is also important that you choose your alternative medicine practitioner very carefully just the same way as you choose your medical doctor. Know their background and investigate whether or not that practitioner is competent enough.


In the back of your mind you might be wondering if it is safe to jump into the bandwagon of alternative medicine and to know if it really works. Well research has shown that there are some alternative medicine techniques that have successfully alleviated pain and nausea in some patients. And there are those who have long since been seeing a chiropractor to ease their back pains and have certainly found relief through the methods chiropractors apply.


There really isn’t a surefire answer to ascertain whether the use of alternative medicine is truly safe. You can rely on word-of-mouth or you can try it out yourself to know whether or not it has no side effects. Always remember that AM have not been scientifically proven effective.





Florence Aguilar – A registered nurse working for, is an avid health writer who keeps himself abreast of the latest research and studies on Tongkat Ali Extract and Health Topics. He believes in the benefits of continued learning and aims to inspire and make the world a better place for both men and women through his writings.

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