Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean being on a strict diet and losing weight. Sometimes, in order to look nice and healthy, you will have to gain some weight. And although it may seem really easy, gaining some extra kilos actually requires a lot of hard working – eating fried chicken and junk food is not an option. Well, at least not a healthy one. Because overweight and obesity are more common problems, experts pay much more attention on the different methods of losing weight, developing diets etc.  This way, thin people are gradually left in the dark.


         We all know the risks of obesity – high levels of cholesterol, cardiovascular problems and, of course, an inferiority complex. But unfortunately only a few people are aware of the fact that being too thing can also be really dangerous for your health. One of the biggest risks are weak immune system, cardiovascular problems and weak bones. Elder people are even more vulnerable, since they can develop osteoporosis and hip fractures. Did we scare you enough? Because that was the idea. So here some of the foods, that you will have to make a part of your daily menu in order to be on a healthy diet and never worry about such problems.

         As we already said, junk and oily foods are definitely not the best idea. They usually contain a lot of unhealthy fats which can do you harm instead of helping you. It is true that you need more calories, but they should come from some healthy foods, fruit and vegetables.


         Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the first things that you will have to add to your daily menu. Tuna, salmon, flax oil and walnut – these foods are one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. They are really tasty and it will not be very difficult for you to make them a part of your healthy diet.

         Foods, rich in proteins. Taking enough proteins is another important thing, especially when it comes to gaining weight. You will have to lay particular stress on chicken meat. It is a great source of proteins and it is a very essential part of many diet plans. The eternal dilemma is: should you choose dark chicken meat or white. Although white meat is believed to be healthier, dark meat actually contains significantly more calories and it is very rich in myoglobin, Zinc and B vitamins.


         If you are a vegetarian, though, this suggestion will definitely not be your cup of tea. Then the best solution for you is milk and milk product, legumes, soy-bean (tofu, for instance), quinoa ( South American grain, you can cook it like rise or add it to your salad). Another big source of proteins and antioxidants are some vegetables such as broccoli, peas and cooked maize.

            Eating enough proteins is very important for your health. They strengthen your muscles, build your tissues and maintain the level of your blood sugar balanced. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose or gain some weight; or you just want to go on a healthy diet. Eating these super-foods are the best way to do it!

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