“What we eat affects our internal health” is a general perception. However, natural nutrition does more than just adding healthy weight. Think of foods as raw materials. Now the quality of raw material will affect the appearance of the product. Likewise, a balanced diet comprising of natural ingredients will give your skin a glow that you crave. Before moving on, let me clarify that not all foods are good for the skin. Here’s what you can include in your diet for a glowing skin.

Green tea yields skin longevity

If you are aiming for an acne-free, clear skin, green tea can work wonders. Besides providing antioxidants for longevity of the skin, it also reduces the possibility of acne by lowering the levels of dihydrotestosterone.

Seafood suppresses inflammatory chemicals

Through the centuries people have wondered and blabbed about the benefits of seafood. Today, a research has proved that diets comprising of seafood slows down the process of skin wrinkling and this finding brought omega-3 fatty acids to the limelight. Omega-3 turns down the tap of inflammatory chemicals that can damage the collagen fiber in the skin. Omega-3 fatty acids also play a role in suppressing acne and regulating moods. If its not possible to incorporate at least 4 servings of fish in a week, then fish oil supplements will do the trick.

Berries laden with antioxidants

The fruits in the family of berries have rich and dark color which is a clear identification of antioxidants. When berries are consumed raw and its natural form, then antioxidants will prevent blemishes and scar formation. It is an active suppressor of oxidative stress yielding a rejuvenated and younger looking skin.

Tomatoes – lycopene reserve

According to a research, tomatoes make the largest reserve of lycopene – an important phytochemical. Whether tomatoes are eaten raw or consumed in juice, they will always produce clear skin. When freshly harvested organic tomatoes are consumed raw, they can lower the risk of acne. The exact amount of lycopene for spotless skin is yet to be determined but tomato-based foods everyday will show a commendable change on the skin after a few weeks.

This natural food contains carotenoids that are found in some more fruits and vegetables with reddish-orange color. They furnish antioxidants that suppress free radicals that are generated due to sun exposure. Let me remind all the readers that free radicals are feared due to the fact that they cause rapid skin aging.

Brown rice maintains skin moisture

What is that one ingredient fairly common in skin products? It’s a ceramide derivative that is naturally found in brown rice. This lipid molecule helps in maintaining the moisture of the skin. When this lipid is obtained from natural sources, it gets incorporated in the outer layer of the skin to yield good hydration. There are some more clinical studies to support the fact that ceramides improves skin hydration.

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