November 2013

When it comes to dealing with the problem or infertility, there are different procedures that you can undergo in order to make your wish of being a parent come true. However, there is one problem. Most of the scientific procedures that work as cures for this problem can be quite costly. Fortunately, there are other […]

Part of living naturally is making sure that you do everything you can to keep yourself in good health. You need to eat well, get lots of exercise and avoid dangerous habits such as smoking – but sometimes even if you do this, you can still develop serious conditions that threaten your long-term health. One […]

Every day we use cosmetics, such as body lotions, perfumes, make-up. These are all chemicals that we apply on our bodies. They enter our skin and blood and without us realizing it, they have a bad effect on our health. There are organic cosmetics that are not only safe but also beneficial for our organisms. […]

Nowadays, people are more welcoming of the idea that natural supplements and alternative remedies are far better than prescriptive medicines. This is with very good reason, seeing that many products of alternative medicine have proven to be effective, and not to mention inexpensive. Of course, there are times when a doctor’s advice should be considered […]

Do you ever wish you could hibernate from November through April? With the shorter days, cold temperatures, and harsh weather, it can be tempting to hide under the nearest down comforter and refuse to emerge until spring.   Our bodies seem to rebel on us during the winter. If the end of the year means 3 […]

You might be the type of person that brushes two to three times a day, flosses every day and visits the doctor twice every year. If you are, then that is a really great trait that you have. But you also have to keep in mind that there are also other ways to keep your […]

Of course if you’ve been suffering with hypothyroidism for any length of time then you’ll have already realized just how hard it can be to shed those excess pounds. And these days it seems that hypothyroidism is getting more and more common of people of all ages. As of right now there are almost 30 […]

A human functions when in a very systematic manner the body undergoes the processes of creation and destruction within the cells—this is called metabolism. A person’s health is the sum total of metabolic efficiency. When the efficiency level goes down a person becomes unhealthy. Why this happens is the subject of medical science and in […]

Cold winter days suppose longer peridos of time spent at home and eating more carbohydrate high-fat foods, more junk food and  pastry.   If you feel that your stomach cannot take it anymore, try going organic. You need a fresh and halthy meal for cold winter days? Then you are going to like this article. […]

When you become a parent, you always want to make sure that you will give the best for your children – a comfortable life, quality education and a brighter future. However, all of these will start when you give your baby the adequate health care s/he needs – vaccination.   Vaccinations are cost-effective means in […]

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