December 2013

  Recently, green cleaning has become popular and even fashionable. Many people turn to eco-friendly alternatives to the chemically-based cleaners available on the market. It is much cheaper and healthier.     Going green with the products you use to clean the house is just as effective as using commercial cleaners. In case you are […]

  Many traditional alcohol and drug program advocate complete abstinence from alcohol use. However, a non-treatment programs  by providing evidence that it is possible to successfully moderate alcohol use after overcoming a problem and that decision is solely up to the substance user. While some drinkers may want to completely abstain from alcohol forever, others […]

Nutritions Important For Strong Bones             There is no doubt about the fact that we have to take good care of what we eat in order to have good health. Strong bones are an essential part of one’s organism, therefore everyone has to make sure they provide themselves with the right elements. The first thing […]

If you have ever attempted to win the battle of the bulge by either dieting or improving your eating habits, you are probably well aware of the challenges that you may face, especially during the latter portion of the year. The last two months of each year, otherwise known as the holiday season, can be […]

Are you one of the many shoppers out there who find it hard to pick suitable gifts? The holiday season is near and one way to change your lifestyle is to give some different gifts. Always remember that it is the ‘thought’ that counts and not the amount of your gift. You don’t have to […]

Most people do not take precautions to protect their eyes during everyday tasks, but eye injury can occur at any time and everyone should be aware of the potential dangers lurking around the house. Seemingly innocent tasks can pose a huge threat to your eyesight, and this article looks at potential hazards around the home […]

Tallow might just be the original skin smoother from our ancient ancestors because of its nourishing and skin regenerating qualities. Though we may never know when tallow’s use became widely acceptable, what we do know is that this gold wonder has, within the last few generations only, become a dirty little secret and a lost […]

  Christmas is coming and you are probably wondering what meals to place on the table this year. For a light way to spend the day, you had better go for healthy and vegetarian courses. This is a fantastic idea as it will minimize your time in the kitchen. As a result you will have […]