Cleaning is an inevitable part of your life. You include it in your weekly routine and some of you probably even put it on the daily agenda. However, there are a few factors that should be paid attention to. Your cleaning routine may be affecting your health, especially if you have breathing problems and diseases such as asthma.




Asthma is a public problem that has been growing in the recent years. The reason for this shocking news is that today your body is exposed to more air pollutants that trigger asthma and allergies. Some of these are included in the commercial cleaning products that you use in the household. Chemical-laden cleaners are proven to cause various damages to people.


One study suggests that your cleaning routine can make you feel sick if you have asthma. Two groups of people participated in the research: 19 women with no disease and 25 more that had asthma. They were asked to clean a particular area using commercial cleaning products right from the store. When the cleaning was done, both groups were reported to have breathing-related problems. The women with asthma, however, experienced more severe symptoms like coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness.


According to researchers, the reason behind this might be the chemicals that were included in the cleaners. This is just a quick reminder of the danger that household products pose to your health.


How to use cleaning products safely


# When you are in the store for your regular shopping spree, pay attention to what products you buy. Read the labels carefully. Try to avoid using cleaners that have harsh chemicals. Sometimes, even if the label says “eco”, it still doesn’t protect your health.


# Always wear gloves to protect your skin while working with chemical-laden products. Make sure you keep the windows open while cleaning and after that to make sure you are not breathing in hazardous fumes. Or simply run the fan.


# If the instructions of a cleaning solution say that you have to dilute it with water, just do it.


# Store household products in the original containers they came with.


# Never mix cleaning products.


# Types of cleaners that pose greater risk to developing asthma or worsening existing asthma are glass cleaners, disinfectants, toilet cleaners, carpet cleaners, tile cleaners and floor wax strippers. In other words: almost every cleaner you have at home is a potential asthma trigger. This probably makes you wonder how you can still have a clean home without using chemical-based products. One solution is to use eco-friendly cleaners. They not only spare nature, they also protect your health.


# Avoid strong-odor products and sprays.


What else you can do


If you have asthma, using commercial cleaning products is probably not a good idea at all. Even if you minimize the risks by following the above instructions, there is no guarantee. You can’t prevent housekeeping. If you don’t clean your place, other asthma triggers will affect your health such as mold, dust mites and smoke.


So you need to find a way to get rid of the dirt at home without causing further problems. There are many DIY cleaning recipes available online. You can use homemade cleaners safely without fear of causing asthma attacks.


The most common ingredients used in these DIY products are baking soda, natural soap, borax, white vinegar and essential oils. These products are less expensive than normal household cleaners and are just as effective. They are worth the try.


Author Bio: Connie Jameson has a part time job for an upholstery cleaning company but learns to be a doctor. She will graduate this summer. 

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