You may be monitoring your calorie intake diligently, but your biggest enemy may be your sweet tooth. When you eat more calories than what you actually burn, you tend to gain weight. Much of these calories come from sweet foods and controlling this craving may be quite a challenge. Instead of forcing yourself to resist the urge, you can choose the right kinds of sweet food recipes to satiate your sweet tooth without compromising your weight loss efforts.

Low cal recipes

There is no sense in depriving yourself of a dessert once in a while; rather, you should let yourself enjoy this treat and follow it up with exercise. Moreover, it is important to eat whole foods. When you are desperate for a cookie, you should eat the entire cookie and not try to satisfy yourself with so-called low-cal foods which are artificially prepared. A real cookie made from healthy and natural ingredients is far better than a low-cal snack made with artificial flavors and colors.

You can try some of these following low-calorie recipes to satiate your craving for sweet foods:

Baby Tiramisu: When you are a fan of the Italian dessert tiramisu, you can opt for a low cal-recipe to enjoy its taste. You can combine ricotta, cinnamon and vanilla in a bowl and place six ladyfingers in a loaf pan. You can then drizzle two tablespoons of coffee over the ladyfingers and then spread the ricotta mixture over it. Finally, you can pour melted chocolate over the mix. The mix must be allowed to refrigerate for about half an hour till the chocolate gets set.

Lemon Pudding Cakes: These can be magical desserts which allow you to enjoy the taste of fluffy cakes made from a single batter. You must preheat the oven and coat about eight 4-6 ounce ovenproof custard cups with cooking spray. These have to be placed on a baking dish. Then you need to whisk flour, granulated sugar, salt in a bowl and add to this mix, milk, lemon juice, lemon zest, egg yolks and butter. All the ingredients must be whisked till they are smooth. Egg whites are beaten in a bowl till soft peaks form and then sugar (about ¼ cup) is added and beaten till the mix becomes glossy and stiff. This mix is then placed in the cups on a roasting pan or baking dish and thereafter inside the oven. Boiling water is poured into this pan so that it covers half the sides of the cups. The cakes are baked till they are golden brown.

Cherries with ricotta and toasted almonds: When you can eat warm cherries with almonds and ricotta cheese, you can enjoy a scrumptious yet low calorie dessert. Using non-fat ricotta makes the dish healthier.

Strawberries with chocolate: When you are looking for a quick yet tasty way to satisfy your carving for sweet foods, you can try dipping strawberries in dark chocolate. This snack can give you an energy boost while being low in calories.

These are some easyto-make recipes that you can try out at home to satiate your sweet tooth. If you are seeking low calorie recipes for serious weight loss, there are some combinations that you need to follow in order to make the meals of your day balanced. If you are not sure about the recipes, you can opt for weight loss programs like Nutrisystem that offer low calorie recipes in good combinations that would work to offer you a healthy and safe weight loss. Besides, the diet meals are also low in fat and sodium as well as low glycemic. Be wise in your choice of foods when it comes to weight loss!

With regards to the above discussed recipes, you have to remember that no matter how healthy or low calorie these are, you should not overeat. Watching your portions is the best way to keep a check on your weight. When you can successfully control the amount you eat, you can comfortably enjoy a dessert every day without feeling guilty about it.

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