We cannot stop emphasizing on the importance of having great healthy eating habits for a disease-free life and a better state of mind. But, did you also know that the kind of foods you eat play a pivotal role in slowing the signs of aging?

It’s true! We have managed to jot down a few of the foods, if eaten regularly, will dramatically reverse the signs of aging especially on your face.
Here is the list:


There was a study published by Tufts University in which they discovered that anthocyanin helps the body to fight oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is apparently known as one of the primary reasons for aging.
Blueberries rank very high in the list since they are power packed with antioxidants which has innumerable benefits to the skin.


Besides blackberries, avocados too deserve appreciation in reversing the skin aging process. Avocados are rich in vitamin E and B-complex that nourishes the skin. In addition to it, the potassium that avocado contains assists in keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated.
Avocado constitutes a compound named glutathione, which aids anti aging process.


Bananas contain high levels of Vitamin C and B-6, which assists in creating youthful elasticity of the skin. Moreover, its antioxidant contents prevent signs of premature aging.
It is advisable to eat one banana every day for a younger looking skin.

Dark chocolates

We cannot give a miss to this particular food. The cocoa powder used in the dark chocolates plays the trick since it holds plenty of anti aging oxidants known as flavonoids.
For a healthy and radiant skin, you must consume dark chocolate on regular basis.


Pomegranates help in increasing collagen levels of the skin, thereby giving a beautiful looking youthful skin. It is the collagen that provides firmness and elasticity to the skin. Pomegranates, known for its vitamins and phosphorus help in reversing the signs of aging especially on the face.

Brussels sprouts

They are rich with Vitamin A and C. It is due to Vitamin C that collagen in the skin is taken care of. And it is due to Vitamin A that your skin is protected from the harmful sun rays.
Brussels sprouts even taste delicious especially when they are roasted with olive oil.


Start eating as many tomatoes as you can because it really has numerous anti aging benefits associated to it. The key element here is lycopene that plays a massive role in helping you keep the signs of aging at bay. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays.


Nuts do a phenomenal job in preventing signs of aging. They have anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating acne, eczema and psoriasis. Next time when you feel hungry, consume some nuts to witness skin benefits.

Healthy meals are of paramount significance for reversing the signs of aging in your skin. In addition to that, you must also employ an established anti aging cream of a prominent skin care brand such as Revitol in your daily skin care regimen. Combination of proper diet and anti aging cream will armor your skin from varied anti aging signs.

Author Bio:

Lisa Fletcher is a beauty blogger and natural skin care expert. She understands how natural solutions demonstrate a positive effect on skin and health. She dedicated her carrier to redefining the meaning of skincare with natural skin care products.

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