Whether it is a craving to cleanse the body or a need to lose weight, more and more people decide to take on raw food. After a while, the taste buds are shifted, and avoiding processed food, excessive amounts of sugar, gluten or other harmful substances comes only naturally. This path involves breaking the habit of eating out or ordering food. Instead, people are returning to the kitchens and grocery stores.  This is something that may serve as a catalyst for the positive change in life and enable a person to reap many different, unexpected benefits.

Raw Veggie Burger

A burger is not exactly the first association for a healthy diet, but this one is different. The basic ingredients are sunflower bread or some other healthy bread from the market, sunflower seeds, raw hummus and sprouts. There is a version with chickpea and potato, as well as one which includes lettuce leaves and tomato. This delicious meal is great for those who have just started the raw diet. Although people usually do not have enough time on the go, it is good to know that it is possible to make the whole burger from the scratch.

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Pomegranate Salad

A simple, healthy fruit slew- who could say no to that offer? Apart from the pomegranate seeds, this excellent recipe requires cranberries, red cabbage, scallions, berries and parsley. For the dressing, use citrus vinaigrette, orange juice, maple syrup and olive oil.  All these healthy ingredients make the salad both tasty and detoxifying, and do not hesitate to throw other nutritional elements in the mix. Travelers will find this meal indispensable, as it is quick to make and easy to transport.

Raw Strawberry Tart

Who says vegans cannot have a sweet tooth? The gorgeous Strawberry tart blends sweet and sour tastes and combines wholesome and decadent ingredients. On top of strawberries, grab some coconut oil, pitted dates, cup walnuts, sea salt, honey, vanilla and lemon juice. A quality Kenwood appliance will help you crust the ingredients and prepare this perfect dinner party dessert. It is also a healthy treat jam-packed with antioxidants, proteins, fibers, good fats, vitamins, and iron.

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Celery Juice

A bulk of fruit juices has added sugars and sweeteners, so why not make a green health potion? Use either a blender or juicer to make an amalgam out of fresh ginger, cilantro, celery, apple, lime juice, and filtered water. This instant beverage energizes and alkalizes the body, and thanks to its electrolyte content, it is highly hydrating and detoxifying. Therefore, it can do wonders for the body that needs rejuvenation after a hot day on a road or wild night of partying.

Vegan Pizza

Thanks god we do not have to bid farewell to the good old pizza. A vegan version of it is a light, nutritious meal with a fresh flavor.  The list of ingredients is long, but one should feel free to alter it: Garlic clove, red pepper, sunflower seeds, dates, miso, tomatoes or veggies of choice, lemon juice, basil and oregano. If time is of the essence, prepare the crust in advance, and let the cheese age for a while. Vegan pizza is great for splitting with someone or for a group of people seeking to enjoy it together.

Zucchini Pasta with Avocado

This refreshing meal can be tailored to personal needs and taste, but the basic ingredient is always the same. One large zucchini per person will do the trick, and beside it, one can purchase some grapes, cherries, avocado, basil, lemon, garlic, and jalapeno. Instead of basil, vegans may try out different solutions like arugula and puree, and the sauce can be put on any pasta.  It is a favorite dish during warm summer months, and a recipe that every vegan cookbook should contain.   

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Keep it fresh

Traveling and moving around a lot is not an excuse to forgo healthy nutrition. A raw diet is more than just shoving differently-colored food down the throat. It means learning about nutrition and investing time and energy, which pays off in more than one way. It allows people to lose weight, clean the body, get healthier and happier. Raw food is a stepping stone towards a healthy lifestyle and the overhaul of daily habits.  Many are those who feel a spiritual change from within, a new passion that fuels them. So, spend some quality time experimenting in the kitchen, and invite a breath of fresh air in your life.

You don’t have to change your diet intermediately. What is more, sudden changes in your nutrition habits are not advised. However, a healthy meal now and then can bring you many benefits.

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