July 2016

Kids who grew up with a pet in their home will turn out to be friendlier and more sociable persons when they reach adulthood. Researchers have found that kids who share a home with a pet during their first year of life suffer less from allergies than kids who don’t spend time with a pet. […]

Are you one of those, who go to the gym empty handed or do not not know what essentials do you need to carry to the gym? If yes, then hold on we have got the best gym bag essentials lined up, which are perfect for anyone and any goal. Whether you’re starting out or […]

The weight of life in the 21st century can sometimes be just a tad too great to bear, and bulletproof nerves are of little help once accumulated stress comes down full-force on the hitting plate of your inner King of the Hammers. Medical and psychological studies into the effects of stress are unanimous in their […]

Thousands of people consider Lasik eye surgery every ear. The number of people depending on corrective eye wear is in a steady spiral upwards. Many of these people are opting now for corrective surgery, so they can live a life without any eye wear. Here are some of the benefits that are encouraging more people […]