Thousands of people consider Lasik eye surgery every ear. The number of people depending on corrective eye wear is in a steady spiral upwards. Many of these people are opting now for corrective surgery, so they can live a life without any eye wear.

Lasix Eye Treatment

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Here are some of the benefits that are encouraging more people to seek professionals for Lasik.

1. No More Costly Contacts

Contacts can get expensive! Two boxes often run over $120 and that will not last anywhere near a year. It is easy to spend over $300 per year on contacts. Consider this cost for the rest of your life. It’s a daunting thought. This is one of the top reasons that people jump on the Lasik bandwagon.

Some naysayers mention that Lasik will cost thousands of dollars. This is true, but it is a one-time fee. The Lasik will pay for itself over a course of a few years. Not to mention, there is a huge convenience factor to consider when ditching contacts.

2. Better Vision

No doubt the top benefit of Lasik is for improved vision. Lasik has a very high success rate; typically at least 85% of the patients will have 20/20 vision after the recovery process. Many end up with great eyesight.

3. Quick Surgery And Results

No one likes to have to undergo a long, drawn out procedure. The whole Lasik procedure is quick and easy. The results are typically seen without 24 to 48 hours. Doctors suggested no driving in the beginning. However, you will be able to jump back into your typical routine within a day or so. This time, you get to your chores and job with perfect vision.

Another great part about the Lasik eye surgery is that it is associated with little to no pain at all. Doctors at Oakland Eye Surgery use numbing drops to keep all the pain down to absolute minimum.

4. Results Are Long Lasting

There is a period after Lasik that lasts 3 months; this is referred to as the stabilization period. After this mark, Lasik is supposed to be permanent. Unless the surgery was not totally successful or under-corrected, there is no reason for a future eye surgery. However, Lasik will not prevent typical eye problems such as eyesight loss due to age.

5. No More Glasses

This goes back to the having no more contacts. There is a lovely freedom in knowing you can go somewhere without being concerned about breaking glasses or losing a contact.

So many people grew up being taunted because of glasses. There often is an odd-misconception about those with glasses. Your looks can change majorly without the use of glasses.

How is Lasik Eye Surgery Performed?

The surgery itself goes rather fast and painless. Your eye doctor will begin with making a thin, circulator flap in the cornea. The surgeon will fold back this part of the cornea to get to the underlying cornea. Using a laser, some of the corneal tissue is removed. This laser is very advanced; it uses an ultraviolet laser beam to remove microscopic amount of tissue.

Surgeons have one of two goals. They need to either flatten the cornea for those who are nearsighted or to create a steeper cornea for those who are farsighted. Once the laser reshapes the cornea, the flap that was folding is returned back to place. The cornea will heal naturally and fast on its own.

Lasik eye surgery is a popular option for those who are sick of dealing with the issues of near or far sightedness. The surgery is painless and comes with little risks. Speak to your eye doctor about the benefits and possibility of Lasik eye surgery.

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