Hair can be a problem for some people, whether there is just too much of it in certain areas, or whether they are tired of continuously shaving or applying painful waxes. There is a solution to these problems when it comes to removing hair. Laser hair removal has become a widely used practice of getting rid of unwanted hair. People who are considering different methods of hair removal may want to consider this form as they likely get the results they are looking for with little to no pain involved. If you are considering laser hair removal, the experienced professional technicians at Canada Med Laser can help you through the process.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Removing hair with lasers essentially destroys the follicle of the hair and in turn decreases the growth of future hair. The follicle is where hair grows from and shaving to get rid of hair does not touch the follicle at all. Waxing involves ripping the hair from the follicle, but does not stop the growth of hair, it only delays it. With the use of lasers, the growth of hair becomes less noticeable and makes future growth much finer.

Areas of Removal and Candidates of the Procedure

Just about any area of the body can be treated with laser hair removal, but the most common areas include; under the arms, the legs, and the bikini area. The treatment is not limited to those areas and the best candidates for this treatment involve those that have dark color hair and a lighter skin tone. Because the laser targets pigment, those with lighter color hair or darker toned skin are not as likely to achieve intended results from this treatment. There are however, some facilities that have special equipment that can combat these different pigments. Those wanting to have treatment done should be sure that the person performing the procedure are qualified and experienced as there could be adverse side effects.

What to Expect

The most common reactions to laser hair removal is redness and swelling. This is likely to occur because the laser will heat up the hair follicles to destroy the hair and the skin will react to this. If the person performing the treatment is not qualified, the person getting the treatment could develop burns that can be very painful. There are preparations the technician will discuss with you to help you prepare for your treatment. You will want to shave all hair from the area that will be treated as the laser will burn any hair that is on the outside of the epidermis. You will also want to avoid sun exposure as much as possible before treatment as it can make the treatment less effective. Sun exposure after the treatment can cause discomfort as well, so you should keep sunscreen on your skin to avoid this.

Those considering laser hair removal can achieve great results as long as they are directed by experienced and qualified professionals. The process to hair removal can be a great success with the right person performing the job.

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