December 2016

This is an issue that many women around the world despise and try to find ways to hide away from site or get rid of at any cost (Read more: Cellulite is a formation within the skin, causing an appearance on the individual of this condition to be very insecure about letting others see. […]

As per the modern lifestyle and changing trends, people are getting quite conscious about diet! The latest trend that has gone viral is Gluten-free diet. Studies and researchers have found that Gluten is responsible in raising certain health problems for those who suffer from Gluten-related diseases. Gluten severely attacks the persons those have celiac diseases. […]

What is jock itch? A fungal infection of the skin kindled by the fungus tinea cruris and some more types of fungi. An early cure is essential to traverse ahead on the path of recovery. The reason for so is perhaps why many ask the question, “Is jock itch contagious”. Yes, it is. It can […]

Here’s a fact that will probably make your head spin. Around 15% of annual deaths in the United States can be at least partially attributed to high blood pressure and the role it plays in deadly diseases like heart disease. If you’re like most people out there, when you think of high blood pressure you […]

There nothing wrong with improvement. Fitness helps our bodies and mind become stronger. Leading to a much better version of ourselves. Injuries are the downside to working out. But like everything else they can be prevented. Here’s a simple guide on how to avoid injuries while working out. 1. Know the Limits of Your Body […]