February 2017

When we’re finishing up a delicious home cooked meal, we often take our plates over to the bin and scrape away the leftovers without giving it a moment’s thought. If it’s not enough to warrant another serving, why keep it? This casual disposal of leftover is common throughout the UK and countless other countries, but […]

Homeopathic medicines should not be thought of as existing in opposition to prescription medication. On the contrary, these two forms of medication can work together hand in hand. The Pharmacy Requirements guide below provides some essential advice for combining homeopathic medicines with prescription medication. 1. Follow the Advice of Your Doctor – And Your Homeopath […]

Surely you may not begin to see any signs of aging in your early or late 20s, but that does not mean your skin isn’t suffering. Like many problems in life, a premature aging of the skin too is a problem that cannot be initially seen through the naked eyes but are already beginning to […]

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor workouts. You have a plethora of locations where you can run, ride a bicycle, swim or enjoy some other activities. If you have a canine friend, you can make your exercise even more exciting. Dogs are perfect workout partners, since they have a lot of stamina and are […]