Homeopathic medicines should not be thought of as existing in opposition to prescription medication. On the contrary, these two forms of medication can work together hand in hand. The Pharmacy Requirements guide below provides some essential advice for combining homeopathic medicines with prescription medication.

1. Follow the Advice of Your Doctor – And Your Homeopath

Make sure to get expert advice for any health choices that you might make. A consultation both with your doctor and with a qualified homeopath will be very useful here. One important warning sign to bear in mind is if your homeopath advises you to stop taking your prescription medication and just to take homeopathic medication: a qualified, expert homeopath would never ask you to do this.

2. Keep on Taking Your Prescription Meds

Keep on taking your prescription medications in the manner and in the quantities, that your doctor advised. It is perfectly safe to take homeopathic medications alongside any quantity of prescription meds, so do not worry about that. Because (unlike some herbal medicines), homeopathic medicines do not contain any strong chemical or herbal ingredients, they will not interact with the prescription medicines that you are taking. Homeopathy is even safe to take with cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The same is not the case with many herbal medicines. For example, it is widely known that St John’s Wort herbal tablets will cause you to metabolise many prescription medications more quickly (including painkillers and contraceptive pills) and thus prevent them from working as effectively.

3. Be Aware That Your Prescription Medication Needs May Change

If the homeopathic treatment that you are undergoing works well, it is likely that you will end up needing to take less prescription medication. It is important, therefore, to book a follow up appointment with your doctor to see if this is the case. After all, there is no point in taking any prescription medication in amounts that are excessive for your needs. Moreover, prescription medication can have some unpleasant side effects, which will reduce if you are able to reduce the amount of medication that you are taking. So, it is worthwhile checking in with your doctor to see if, thanks to the combination of homeopathy and prescription medication, you will be able to reduce your levels of prescription meds.

4. Why Not Try It for Yourself?

As long as you carry on taking your prescription medication, there is absolutely no risk in taking homeopathic preparations as well. So, what have you got to lose?

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