Trends in the makeup and hair industry today are constantly evolving; season upon season we are introduced to most up to the minute must have as products forever continue to appear in front of us. The variety of options available to women make it even more difficult to choose from when looking to attain the most sought after look in the media. This is to fit in with the ever increasing standards of what is classed as beauty in modern society.

But, there must be a way of attaining ‘beauty’ in a more natural and organic way?

Artificial to Beneficial

One major beauty consideration which springs to mind is false tanning. Admittedly, we do not get enough sun here in the UK, but is that skin glow really worth it when your only options are the dreaded sun beds and the often risky spray tan booths? If you don’t mind chancing the possibility of turning a severe shade of blood orange, choose to have a spray tan instead of a sun bed. This is still hardly a healthy alternative for your skin due to the mass blockages of pores it causes. But wait, it is not all doom and gloom.  Many natural tanning oils will create a golden glow using organically grown extra virgin coconut oil and vitamin E to moisturise and soften skin, the organic way.

Hair is another issue which can take the brunt of over-abuse. As women, we like to switch up our look each day which can often involve piping hot curling or straightening irons to maintain that look that is the opposite to your natural one. But, unfortunately, this can cause damage that often cannot be reversed. As a result of this, you will end up spending lots of money on salon serums and treatments to deal with the dry, lifeless hair and numerous split ends, so there will come a time whereby you ask yourself what are my alternatives?

Opt for using salt sprays and curling mousse to create those bouncy locks you are looking for if you prefer a more volumised style. Or, if you like a more sleek look, try gel serums to fight the frizz and smooth your hair so you are left with straight and silky hair without the blast of heat.

Why Trial Organic Products, Rimmel Is Just As Good, Right?

Wrong. Most of their products wear off quickly and need reapplication several times each day which results in your skin becoming dry or oily from over extensive use. Additionally, products like Rimmel and other high street names often use harmful ingredients and chemicals such as SLS, parabens, and formaldehyde.  If you are still unsure of what to look out for when buying a product, check the various certifications and labels on the packaging that could be a good indicator of how the product was made and by using what.

Apart from the fact that organic products are wonderful for your skin in the long-term, they will also have other positive effects on the world we live in. Consider the amount of synthetic beauty products that are flushed down our drains and out into the environment daily, and imagine how much better it would be if they were organic. Companies that produce organic care products often obtain materials in a sustainable way, so buying these items would not only benefit your skin but you’d be benefitting the world we live in too.

These sustainably sourced, high-quality products are more natural and kinder to your skin and hair, thus, really should be considered if you have sensitive skin. Even for those of us who are more dermatologically resilient.

Coconut oil is the gold dust equivalent for anybody venturing into the world of organic beauty and it has been trending worldwide for quite some time as a superfood. However, it is also great for your skin and hair. Tea tree oil has been known for its antibacterial qualities and used to fight blemishes for centuries.

Familiarise yourself with the ‘Falsie’ Effect

As we have learnt, organic beauty products have numerous health benefits, but at present, they are not as prevalent in the mainstream world of beauty. This is because they have to compete with the bigger, more renowned brands who have much higher marketing budgets and wider international branding. The popular cosmetic products are never going diminish and women will always seek them out, however, it is important to become accustomed to the effects of using certain products on your skin and hair.

For instance, most women enjoy dying their hair. For some it is to conceal their greys, for others, it’s a way of expressing themselves in a bold and eye-catching manner, whilst most find it is a quick fix to evolving their identity temporarily. Colour changes always feel like a fresh start.

But, a tip for the next time you reach for L’Oréal or Nice and Easy, consider that henna is 100% chemical, metal and salt –free. It will be sure to leave your hair after coloring super shiny, thicker and feeling intensely conditioned.

A Final Word

The benefits of organic care products for skin, hair and environment are undeniable, yet many will still prefer to buy well-known cosmetics with questionable benefit. It might be a quick and easy fix whilst your skin is young and subtle, but think about the long run. If you are kind to your skin and hair now they will surely be kind to you in the years to come.

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