When it comes to weight loss, women tend to find it more difficult shedding pounds compared to men. In this particular subject, men truly have the upper hand. Women’s bodies tend to cling on to certain body fats due to the presence of the hormone estrogen. However, this does not excuse anybody for taking proactive measures to improve their health.


Weight problems can be traced back to poor eating habits and other lifestyle choices. To help you realize that anybody can lose weight, here are five stubborn weight loss habits that can ultimately be corrected.


I Have The Fat Gene

It is true that carrying a fat gene, either from your mother or father’s side can make you struggle more with weight management. If your parents experienced weight issues, this will explain why you are also battling with yours.


You can resolve this problem by seeking professional help. When your genes are making you unsuccessful at losing weight, reaching for an expert who can tweak your meals and tailor your fitness programs that can aid weight loss will surely be an advantage.


Though this option will cause you to spend more money, it will definitely be easier to have another pair of eyes watching over your health while you progress with weight loss.


I Cannot Control My Appetite

Some people have uncontrollable appetite. But with determination, you can set your cravings and big appetite aside and pay more attention to losing weight.


Marisa Sherry, a registered dietitian in a private practice in New York City says that stress can make you easily forget about your diet. If you already have an uncontrollable appetite, you can easily munch on one chocolate chip cookie after another.


To prevent overeating, you must plan ahead on the amount of food that you are allowed to consume and stick to your plan. Avoid snacking on unhealthy foods like sweet chocolates, pastries and cookies. Instead, eat more filling snacks like oatmeal bars, raisins, nuts or carrots sticks.


I Am Too Tired From Work To Exercise

It is no secret that exercise is an integral part of weight loss. However, some people use “tired” as an excuse to skip a session at the gym. The conventional way of solving this problem is to stay motivated. But the truth is, there are people who experience some difficulty in staying consistently inspired with physical activity.


What you can do is create a leverage. Find a workout buddy at the gym and make a bet with him or her. For a session each of you misses out, one has to pay a fee.


If you have a gym instructor, you can tell him that you would need to pay extra if you miss out on one or two sessions. For someone who works extra hard for a living, this will certainly push you to keep coming back to the gym and workout more regularly.


I Rarely Eat But I Still Did Not Lose Weight

Apart from exercise, a healthy diet is also a factor in losing weight effectively. But there are people who have the assumption that eating one meal a day will make them lose weight faster.


According to Sherry, the habit of eating too little sets your body into “starvation mode”.


When this happens, your body’s metabolism slows down, making it more difficult for it to burn your body fat or the calories you have consumed. This means that eating the daily recommended 1,200 calories, on top of a daily exercise plan, will speed up your weight loss.


I Did Not Get Enough Rest

Getting enough shut-eye at night does impact your energy levels the next day. This is why it is easy to use “lack of sleep” as a reason to skip working out. Though sleepless nights merit you to skip working out once in awhile, it is important to correct this problem.


Sleep deprivation actually makes you gain more weight due to the release of the so-called stress hormone cortisol. This neurotransmitter stimulates your appetite, making you constantly hungry and leading to overeating.


If you are already battling with weight loss, try to find ways to sleep earlier and longer. You can take aromatherapy baths, meditate or even dim the lights as early as 8:00 PM – anything that sets the mood to a good night’s rest.


The key to weight loss is constantly pushing yourself to working out, eating healthier meals and allowing your body to rest and recover. Achieving a slimmer you is never going to be easy, but if you find ways to kick your excuses away, you will eventually hit your target weight faster.

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