Swine flu is yet another chronic disease that has consumed the lives of millions across the globe. Otherwise known H1N1 flu, swine flu is a viral disease that has apparently brought about medical practitioners to develop treatments for this fatal disease and save many million people getting affected each year. While the discovery and measurements of speculative medicines are in full-swing, physicians recommend that individuals who experience even the slightest of symptoms of swine flu must get treated right away. Swine flu causes severe body ache, the onset of persisting fever, nausea and vomiting, sore throat, coughing, and severe fatigue.

Staying aware of swine flu causes, symptoms, tests and treatments is of utmost importance. And, at the same time, you must also know about the myths that sway in and around you about this fatal disease. Do your bit by not giving into these myths.

Eating Pork can give you Swine Flu

The fact is incorrect. Though the disease was first found in pigs transferred to human beings, the outbreak was decades ago. Eating pork products does not aid in spreading H1N1 influenza. The virus, however, spreads through the droplets spilled out in the air by an infected person, coughing and sneezing in public, or close to you.

The virus of Swine Flu has Mutated

Many leading laboratories of India have conducted gene sequencing of the H1N1 virus and have concluded that it has not matured. The virus that’s infecting individuals in India and in countries abroad is the same as that infecting people prequel years.

No Cure Exits for Swine Flu

Yet again, the fact is incorrect. An anti-viral drug Oseltamivir, sold under the brand name of Tamiflu, helps in shortening the duration and severity of the swine flu causes, provided it be taken within the 48 hours of the surfacing of symptoms. The drug makes you less contagious for overs and even prevents spreading of the infection.

India does not have enough Drugs to Cure the Disease

Precisely there is no shortage of drugs. The virus is known to cause a mild disease in a maximum number of people and only about 1% of people or less infected by the disease need these drugs for impromptu treatment. There are a couple of pharma companies that hold the manufacturing capacity and raw materials for the production of this drug in India.

Once infected, you gain immunity against the disease

The stance is not true. Just like other viral diseases, swine flu too can re-infect a person. The best way to avoid suffering swine flu causes is by adhering to its preventive measures.

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