So you are planning to take HCG diet, but you are researching about its side effects. You are at right place. Remember the prescription form is full of grave, negative side effects, however here are some of the types of HCG drops such as homeopathic and other real homeopathic substitutes that are good for your body because they have little to no negative side effects.

Some possible side effects of HCG diet are mentioned here;


You will be ingesting a lot less than you are used to. There will naturally be too less to excrete. Individuals on HCG can have bowel movements up to 3 or 4 days separately. This is not considered as true constipation until you know you have to go but cannot get it out. For this a mild sugar free laxative can help. Drink ample of water to help smooth out your tract and to soften things up.


At week 1 of the HCG your body has to adjust, that leads to headaches. This is possibly the most common side effect. Any over the counter painkiller will help. Also drink ample of water to help every day of HCG diet, preferably more than the recommended 2 quarts. If headache lasts for more than 10 days visit to a doctor.


Another common, however temporary, side effect of HCG diet is dizziness. It is typically mild and usually goes away after first week.

Leg Cramps

Although an uncommon side effect which is caused by lower levels of potassium that you get when you are on HCG diet. “It can easily be treated by taking any potassium supplement or a multivitamin such as Vita-X that already includes potassium with other significant nutrients you will need when you are on HCG diet”, said John Barban.


Skin rashes is another side effect which is however uncommon. On HCG, our body will be consuming and burning fat at an unbelievable speed. As the fat cells are expended, normal toxins are usually released in the body. According to the new study about venus factors of HGC, If toxins are build up, they causes skin rashes which can be minimized through drinking ample of water to flush them out.

Hair Thinning

Few dieters on HCG report hair thinning, however it is also temporary. Remember we are discussing thinning hair, not hair loss. Usually, starts after 3 months of HCG dieting. John Barban in his new program Venus Factor Review recommends you to increase your protein intake to cater this problem. Inadequate minerals and vitamins can also be one of the causes so it is also good to take any multivitamin from the beginning.

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