Many people complain about having the number of unrealized ideas and unfinished projects. Are you one of them? If your answer is yes, the reason for that could be more serious than poor time management. It means that you may have a problem to focus and concentrate. Although it can depend on the environment, stress, bad sleeping habits, medical disorder or nutrition, concentration can be improved by daily exercises. Our minds need workouts as much as our bodies. Therefore, try some of the following interesting exercises to sharpen your focus and concentration.

1. Count the words

One of the easiest exercises that help you to focus is counting the words. So, choose a book or a newspaper and count the words in only one paragraph. Then, repeat the exercise to check if you haven’t skipped a word or two. In order to do it properly, don’t use either pen or your finger to point at every single word. Keep your mind completely focused on counting the words only with your eyes instead. Once you get trained or bored, expend the counting exercise on two paragraphs, and later on the whole page.


2. Read and write about it


In order to learn how to keep your mind from being distracted, boost your concentration while reading. For example, try writing the short summary of a story or an article after you read it. When it becomes easy to you, write what you have read after 20 minutes of book reading. In case you cannot represent what you have previously read, it means you may also have a problem to focus on work and activities you usually do. So, you should train your mind regularly.


3. Sit still


The aim of this exercise is to take charge of your muscles. It implies sitting in a chair without moving while the mind is totally concentrated on controlling involuntary muscular movement and keeping still. This exercise should take 5 minutes at first. As you master it, you should gradually increase the time of the exercise to 10 and then to 15 minutes. However, bear in mind that you are supposed to be relaxed while doing it. If you strained yourself, the exercise wouldn’t be effective.


4. Hold a glass full of water

Another exercise related to the control of involuntary muscular movement is holding a glass filled with water in the hand stretched directly in front of you. In order to perform this concentration exercise keep your eyes focused on the glass and the water inside. The point is to hold your arm still so that water wouldn’t move much. At the beginning, this exercise should last for a minute and five minutes after a while. Also, you should switch arms.


5. Play golf

Apart from these exercises, there are also many activities that can help you develop concentration. For instance, playing golf involves exceptional focus and patience. Paying attention to the hole and to the right swing keeps your mind busy and concentrated on the activity. However, golf isn’t a very popular sport and many people have never tried it. Luckily, there are many great golf swing training aids that can help you learn how to do it like a pro in your own backyard.


6. Practice yoga

It is known that yoga is an ancient activity that calms our mind and body. Since it keeps our mind from distractions and undesirable thoughts, it is believed that it leads to better focus and the processing of information. The research recently conducted at the University of Illinois confirmed that 20 minutes long yoga practice can lead to the improvement of brain functioning. So, take up yoga classes and learn some of the best postures to enhance concentration.

7. Play memory games


Memory games have proven to be beneficial for both children and adults. Apart from having an impact on the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and improvement of reading skills, playing memory games can boost our ability to focus and concentrate. So, play memory games on daily basis in order to train your mind and keep it attentive.


8. Get creative

Another activity that might seem childish, but which can definitely be an excellent concentration exercise is coloring. Not only does it relax your mind and inspire creativity, but helps your mind focus exclusively on one activity at the time. This activity can also include drawing, sketching or painting.


Apparently, focus and concentration don’t influence only our productivity and brain functioning, but emotions, too. The study has shown that people who are able to focus are happier since they keep their minds occupied and thus safe from turning to negative thoughts. Therefore, try implementing these exercises and activities into your daily routine and keep your mind alert.


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