May you sometimes have heard of the babies suffering from the problem of Hernia? It has now become one of the most common diseases which cause a lot of discomforts and some time severe pain too. A hernia is usually related to due to our lifestyle and feeding habits, but the question strikes our mind is that from where the newborn babies get affected by this serious problem.

A hernia in newborn babies is most commonly observes as a soft bulge under the skin of the belly button during the first few weeks or sometimes months of the baby’s life. A hernia itself is not usually painful or sensitive when being observed but it causes discomfort and pain when babies cry coughs and strains.

In most of the cases, the umbilical hernias go away of their own as the child grows and his muscles become stronger. It is usually harmless. But the inguinal hernias can be a little one to worry about and needed to undergo surgery to get rid of them. They are large than that of the umbilical hernias. If we are talking about a hernia in newborn babies, you should prefer to go for hernia treatment without operation to reduce the risk factor for the baby.

What is a hernia?

Before moving forward, the first thing that we surely need to know about in detail is what a hernia is? A hernia is a protraction of organ inside the body through an incomplete closure or due to the reason of weakness in another part of the body.

Types of a hernia in newborn babies: In newborn babies, the hernias are generally of two types:

  • An umbilical Hernia: If a hernia is located in the navel or belly button area then it is termed as an umbilical hernia. It usually appears in first few weeks or months of a baby’s life and the sizes increase when the baby cries or sometimes during the bowel movement too which may also increase the pressure in the abdominal. This kind of a hernia usually is not painful.
  • An inguinal Hernia: In a case hernia get located in the groin area it is termed as an inguinal or a groin hernia. It usually arises due to the reason of pushing of intestine or bladder through an opening or weakening of groin area. It often arises during the infancy period and mostly the premature baby boys with swollen scrotum. In girls, inguinal hernia appears as a large fold of the skin around the vagina which usually does not affect the child at all.
  • Incarcerated and Strangulated hernias: In very rare cases newborn babies may also get affected f from a different hernia termed as incarcerated and strangulated hernia which is usually painful, hard, swollen and potentially life-threatening too. This kind of a hernia cuts off the blood flow and blood supply which may also result in death too in severe cases. Once diagnosed with the incarcerated and strangulated hernia; you should need to rush your child to the nearby doctor for immediate surgery to prevent permanent injury to the intestines.
  • Treatment for hernias: Adults can usually prevent themselves from a hernia by changing their lifestyles and feeding habits, but we cannot stop a hernia from being developed into newborns. If you have discovered any lump in the baby’s navel or groin area you should need to concern a well-qualified doctor to reduce the chances of getting the risk of treating your child from severe medical problems. All kinds of hernias should be evaluated by a doctor by pushing the intestine or bladder back into its place. Most of the hernias may themselves get repair itself but the weakness sometimes really create a problem in doing so.

Hernia treatment without operation gets prescribed for newborn babies. But in severe cases, surgery is being preferred as an outpatient to keep the child safe and to minimize the recovery time. In fact, your child has various health problems such as heart conditions, blood disorders or any other the doctor will recommend hospitalizing you child for better care and supervision.

A hernia in newborn babies is a concern; after all, it is a matter of the health of our little ones. If it is a reason for a lot of discomfort and pain in your child; please contact a well-qualified doctor immediately to reduce the chances of becoming the condition much severe. Hernia treatment without operation is very much natural and can be easily done just by pushing the intestine or bladder back into its place most of the times but also may sometimes lead to face surgery in severe conditions.

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