February 2018

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a confusing name as it doesn’t just affect the ovaries. In fact, it affects many areas of your body. PCOS is linked to insulin resistance, which causes the production of too much male hormone – resulting in life-changing problems from trying to conceive to cosmetic issues like facial hair and […]

You really believe or not skateboarding is really a rigorous cardio workout. As it is one of the physical activity which is moderately intense aerobic activity. It has been scientifically proved that they are many health benefits of skateboarding, when compared with other activities. You would be surprised to know that it will vigorously burn […]

Cats naturally have the tendency to hide their sickness, and usually by that time the owner finds out that the pet is ill, the cat is in a bad shape. It’s not just the humans, cats hide their sickness from their own selves. Most of the problems can ideally be treated if they are spotted […]

What is a Lab test? A Lab test is a medical device that is typically used to measure quantities and map the presence of many different humanly components in the body. Typically a urine, blood or other body fluid sample is taken from a patient’s body in order to detect, diagnose, and map the presence of […]

You want to better understand what cancer is. Perhaps you are a patient, someone in your area has cancer or you are afraid that you have cancer yourself. Here you will be explained step by step what cancer is and why cancer can be life threatening. A better understanding of the disease prevents many misunderstandings […]