You really believe or not skateboarding is really a rigorous cardio workout. As it is one of the physical activity which is moderately intense aerobic activity. It has been scientifically proved that they are many health benefits of skateboarding, when compared with other activities. You would be surprised to know that it will vigorously burn your calories, therefore, improving your health conditions. Do you believe that simple skateboarding tricks like jumping around the good quality skateboard on a flat surface will burn about 12 calories per minute. It not only burns your calories, but has the adverse effect on muscle. And this house skateboarding helps you to stay fit:


As skateboarding is all about balancing and coordination it to will maintain in building a strong core. In order to stay on the board, one has to maintain a balance of the abs, hip, and muscles.


While you are performing an activity on a good quality skateboard you need to perform tasks like tilting, jumping, shifting and squatting that gives your hamstrings for knees and ankles.


It ultimately provides you with lots of stamina and boosts up your immune system. Even though it requires bit effort to push yourself, but of course they are many tricks on ramps when you start knowing about skateboarding.

The Health Benefits of Skateboarding

Skateboarding has become an extreme sport and a good work out as well. So there are some health benefits that you can find why you are involved in it.

  • Flexibility: Skateboarding enhances your flexibility, thereby providing complete fitness to your body.
  • Complete Body Workout: It not only makes you flexible but also a very good workout for your complete body. As you are moving your feet and legs you will be using your arms to balance yourself. Literally, you will be twisting your body that in terms provides you a full body workout.
  • Physical Endurance: In order to ensure physical endurance one has to continue skateboarding and can physically maintain their fitness.
  • Improves Coordination: The activity requires lots of coordination that takes place between your eyes, legs, feet, and arms. And this not only includes your coordination, but also makes you more precision.
  • Burns Calories: Based on the intensity of the skate one can easily burn between 150-500 calories per hour.
  • Relieves Stress: Any physical activity is considered to be an excellent way to relieve stress so as skateboarding. It makes you think and analyze things more clearly.
  • Overall Health Care: As Skateboarding is one of the physical exercises for your body, it eliminates the risk of many health problems, including coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

Skateboarding Is A Fun Part

One of the additional benefits of skateboarding apart from providing better health is that it’s more fun and challenging as well. It is too good to be true that you become better at skateboarding thereby learning more tricks and enjoying it a lot. The more you scared you will be the much more healthy year and have lots of entertainment.

All in all, skateboarding is completely an activity and some would claim that it is the addictive but a healthy way to burn your calories and keep you in shape.

So what are you waiting for get bored and have a great workout and make yourself fit.

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