Hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar, is a medical condition that is very common among diabetic people. This condition can occur even if you are taking all the precautions and doing everything possible to avoid it.

Under this condition, the amount of blood sugar drops to a very low level that affects the normal functioning of the body. By low blood sugar, we mean having blood sugar less than 70 milligrams per deciliter. Hypoglycemia occurs to people with type 2 diabetes and according to statistics, at least 19 mild episodes occur each year out of which, one is severe.

Low blood sugar is something that should not be taken lightly – it can cause both short-term complications like dizziness and loss of energy, and long-term complications like coma and death. The rate of death is not very high but still, it is a fact and should be kept in mind. In order to prevent hypoglycemia, it is advisable to keep a check on your blood glucose levels and immediately take protective measures as soon as it comes to your notice.

If you are unable to check your blood sugar level due to any reason, watch out for these 5 signs of lowering of blood sugar levels to stay alert.

Ravenous Hunger

When the blood sugar levels are dripping, you may feel hungry even if you just have had your meal. It is a sign that indicates your blood is in need of glucose. Some health experts advise that if you are a patient with type 2 diabetes, you should consume something as soon as you feel hungry. However, once you start feeling better, get your blood sugar checked by a doctor and they will also advise you the exact amount of sugar that your body needs.


When blood sugar levels start declining, the patient starts feeling restlessness. Sleep disturbances become very common and symptoms like nightmares, night sweats, interrupted sleep, and feelings of confusion occur very often. However, this situation can be controlled by consuming some snacks before going to bed.

Emotional Disturbance

The person having low blood sugar levels faces sudden mood swings and emotional turmoil. This behavior may include outbursts, hysterical crying, feeling to spend some time alone, and uncontrollable anger. This sort of behavior is most commonly not associated with diabetes but it can be an indicator that your body needs some glucose right away.


One of the most common signs of low blood sugar levels is dizziness. Dropping blood sugar levels can cause you to faint. If you are experiencing this condition, it is strongly recommended to sit down to avoid getting yourself injured.

Vision Problems

Glucose is an essential component of our body. When its levels decline, the vision of the patient may also become blurry or the person may start seeing double.

These 5 signs indicate that you should consume some food right away to meet the requirement of glucose in your body. If the condition does not improve even after consuming food, it is important to find a doctor immediately. The doctor will prescribe you some medications and food items that you can include in your diet plan. Using Hayaat.pk, you can book an appointment online with a doctor near you to save time and get your health back on track!

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