Building muscle mass requires a lot of motivation and discipline. The training of muscles is not only about regular visits to the gym, but also about the right balance between all kinds of aspects. Below you will find 8 tips and requirements to train muscles and build muscle mass effectively.

1. Combine muscles with a lot of food

In order to build muscle mass, you must structurally eat more than the amount of food that your body needs daily. Only then will your body have enough energy available to strengthen your muscles. Note: eat healthy and varied and not junk food. To train muscles in the best possible way, you have high-quality and essential nutrients and, in addition, a healthy body! You can read more about the ideal diet to grow muscles in this article about bulking & cutting.

2. Try to constantly increase the resistance

To grow muscles you have to use heavier weights during fitness. If you do not do this, muscle growth also stops. Try to increase weight and / or resistance at least once a week. You can also increase cardiovascular exercises by using weights (belts, dumbbells, etc.). In short: you will not build muscle mass without the necessary weights and resistances!

3. Eat proteins in abundance

Your body needs proteins for building muscle mass. Muscles consist largely of protein building blocks (amino acids) and these are therefore necessary to restore muscle fibers and increase muscle mass. You must therefore ensure that you eat protein with every meal. It is good to drink a high-quality protein shake during or just after every workout. Creatine can also be good for building muscle mass but this video can help you learn how to how to build muscle mass without whey proteins.

4. Water is needed for building muscle mass

Drinking enough is important to train muscles and to grow. After all, your muscles largely consist of water and you lose a lot of fluid during your workout through perspiration. Therefore always drink sufficient to prevent dehydration (resulting in the shrinking of your muscles).

5. Not only train muscles, but also rest

Keep in mind that your body needs sufficient sleep to be able to recover from heavy, intensive workouts. Sleep 8 hours a night and feel free to take an afternoon nap of an hour if you can afford it. Do not train if you are not adequately equipped, because this is counterproductive for building muscle mass and can also cause injuries. Building muscle mass is all in all impossible if you do not give your muscles the necessary rest.

6. Cardio training for your muscle mass

Cardio training ensures that you “dry train” your body, and thus get a lower fat percentage. This is important, also with a view to muscle mass, because it is obviously a shame if you have increased your muscle mass, but your muscles are not visible because of a layer of fat. Do not do too much cardio, because then it has a counterproductive effect. 2 to 3 times a week for half an hour at 130 beats per minute is sufficient. When it comes to ‘building muscle mass’, cardio training is extremely subordinate to strength training.

7. Limit stress to prevent muscle loss

Get rid of stress because of stress your body ends up in a catabolic state where muscle mass is broken down instead of being built up. Muscle training is also an excellent way to take a moment for yourself and unwind. So stress is disastrous when it comes to muscle growth (building muscle mass and growing additional muscles).

8. Testosterone to grow muscles

Men have a wider build and more muscles because they have more testosterone in their bodies than women. Testosterone is a hormone that makes muscle mass possible and promotes muscle growth. Many strength athletes and bodybuilders therefore use exogenous testosterone supplements to train their muscles more efficiently and to grow muscle mass faster. Although testosterone is effective, all sorts of drawbacks and side effects are also present. Artificial testosterone enhancement is therefore not necessarily advisable and even potentially dangerous.

Do you have any more good tips to train your muscles and build muscle mass? Let your favorite tips to grow muscles then leave behind in a comment below!

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