Massage therapy includes manual stimulation and manipulation of the muscles and skin. But there are several types of massage depending on your health and your massage goals. The two common types of massage that have some similarities are deep tissue and sports massage. Finding the difference between these two types of massage can help you determine the best choice.

Assess / Prevent Risk of Injury

Sports massage therapists should be ubiquitous when it comes to treating frequent injuries and muscle problems of athletes such as trunk trunks or palm palms. Sports massage therapists can identify areas where you experience muscle tightness or muscle abnormalities that could lead to injury if not treated. While deep tissue massage can identify areas of muscle weakness, the therapist may not be focused on areas specific to sports. However, deep-tissue massage can be used to treat some injuries, including flu or swelling.

Strokes and movements

One area common to deep-tissue massage and sports massage is that each massage type uses similar movements. This includes kneading, circular movements, knocks and vibrations. Sports massage uses similar methods of skin manipulation, yet it tends to be more focused on sports areas of pain.

Targets of deep tissue and sports massage

Sports massage is focused on improving sports performance, increasing flexibility and managing injuries or potential injuries. A person may have several reasons to look for deep tissue massage. These brandon fl massage include reducing toxins in the body, relieving stress, increasing circulation, reducing stress and reducing physical pain. Whether it’s a sports massage or a deep-tissue massage, you should discuss your overall treatment plan with your doctor.

Massage clients

Sports massage is usually limited to serious athletes, such as those who train most days of the week for professional, college or high school sports. These clients can use massage as part of a pre- or post-game warming to reduce the likelihood of muscle spasms. Clients comes for deep tissue massage brandon fl tend to be more diverse, from entrepreneurs to students. These clients do not have to take part in any activity or get injuries to get a deep tissue massage.

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