Read what qualities you need to have at home to become a top nurse.

Some nurses see you full of energy through the last hour of their service. They always know exactly which patient needs an extra comforting word. And with a single glance they know how to tell a doctor when it’s serious. What is their secret?

1. Excellent communication skills

Being able to communicate well is useful in every profession. But for nurses, being able to speak and listen is a must. Certified Nursing Assistant helps patients with healthcare needs under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN). A top nurse can communicate clearly with patients and families as well as with doctors. And is able to plead his or her patients and anticipate their needs.

2. Emotional stability

Nursing is a stressful profession where traumatic situations are the order of the day. The ability to accept suffering and death without becoming personal is crucial. Some days seem to be a combination of harrowing cases, death and despair. That does not mean that there are no heart-warming moments. Getting a patient back on top or reuniting a family can give a great feeling. A good nurse, however, does not assume a good outcome. He leaves it to Grays Anatomy.

3. Empathy

A good nurse has empathy for the pain and suffering of patients. They are able to feel compassion and offer comfort. But be prepared for a sporadic attack of compassion fatigue. It happens to the best nurse. Learn to recognize the symptoms and use them efficiently. Patients generally see nurses as the approachable soft side of the hospital bureaucracy. Sometimes a sympathetic nurse is the only bright spot on a patient’s day. It is therefore important to remain empathetic.

4. An eye for detail

In the healthcare sector, every action can literally mean the difference between life and death. That is why a top nurse leaves nothing to chance and he or she keeps a close eye on detail: from reading a patient’s file correctly, to remembering the nuances in a sensitive situation.

5. Physical endurance

Standing hours, lifting heavy objects or people and walking for miles, as a nurse you certainly do not have an office job. It is therefore important to be fit. An excellent nurse ensures that she maintains her energy during her service . Staying strong, eating healthy, sleeping well and having a healthy lifestyle outside your working hours is crucial!

7. Problem solving capacity

In sick patients, trauma cases or emergencies, nurses must always stand ready for solving any difficult situations. Whether it comes to taking care of family, comforting a patient or talking to a difficult doctor, a top nurse can think quickly and tackle problems in every situation when – or sometimes even for – these occur.

8. Respect

Good nurses respect people and rules. They remain impartial at all times and are aware of the requirements regarding trust issues, different cultures and traditions. Above all, they respect the wishes of the patient.

Below are the personality traits that suit the profession of top nurses. Do you have the same personality? Then nursing might be something for you. Are you not sure which personality traits you have? Then do the free professional choice cna nurse practice test.

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