If you keep up with the cosmetic industry, you have probably heard about Baby Botox. Luckily, it does not involve babies. To put things simply, Baby Botox is basically the practice of injecting about half the standard dose of Botox to achieve more subtle and natural looking results.

With a standard dose of Botox, the goal is normally to reduce or completely diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the forehead area. With Baby Botox, the focus is on much more subtle areas, like crow’s feet or very slight smile lines.

Many people favor Baby Botox because the lower dosage puts them at a decreased risk of the dreaded “frozen features” that we have all seen on celebrity faces. However, the reality of it is that the technique used to administer the Botox is what really matters, regardless of how much is being injected.

However, Baby Botox does use micro injections in a way that helps patients customize the outcome to better suit the most beautiful version of themselves they have in their mind. Baby Botox is also recommended for first-time patients.

Baby Botox has many uses, like to prevent lines to begin with. That makes it a popular choice for people in their 20s who are younger and aren’t yet experiencing wrinkles as a type of preventative strategy. By manipulating the wrinkle causing muscles and how they move, Baby Botox can prevent wrinkles from ever forming.

In other words, Baby Botox can be used to help you hold on to your baby face. Click here for more details about Botox and injectable fillers.

Additionally, Baby Botox can prove to be a subtle and effective way to maintain the results of a full dose injection. So, if you are already using Botox and you’d like to keep the looks up without going through the 3-6 month phase of fading in and out of the effects of Botox, a Baby Botox injection about once per month can keep you looking great all the time.

It can also be used in regular intervals to slowly tweak your appearance, leading to a more natural change than a full dose of Botox would. Baby Botox injections are frequently used in this manner, especially for those who really want to see natural looking results. Rather than allowing the Botox injections to completely wear out within 3-6 months, Baby Botox can be used to maintain the original look. It’s like trimming your bangs between haircuts.

Of course, if monthly injection appointments don’t fit your schedule, a full dose of Botox is still something worth keeping in mind. And, for those who are after drastic changes or have deeper folds, a Baby Botox injection may not deliver the results they are after.

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