It is estimated that approximately 44% of households in the US own a dog, and in the United States alone, the pet dog population produces over 10 millions tons of dog doo doo each year. Can you imagine how that can add up when pet owners don’t pick up after their dog’s waste? The act of not doing so not only becomes a nuisance if you’re victimized with a surprise turd on your lawn or a plastic full of doggy doo. Not only that, the government spends millions just to maintain the cleanliness because dog poop can harm us not only financially, but our health as well.

Aside from picking up after our dogs as part of our responsibility, another important question is whether or not it is necessary to use biodegradable poop bags?

Why Should You Consider Biodegradable Poop Bags for Dogs?

The complications associated with dog waste are nothing new. In fact, there are some pretty hefty fines if you’re caught not cleaning up after your pooch, and there’s very good reason to because owning a dog comes with a great deal of responsibility – you sure wouldn’t want to be in an unexpected victim’s shoes if you accidentally stepped in poop now would you?

Convenient and Easy To Carry

Biodegradable poop bags conveniently fit into standard leash dispensers, which make them perfectly handy and readily available when little Fido needs to go unexpectedly while you’re out on a walk enjoying the breeze. You don’t really see many pet owners walking their dogs with a shovel or pooper-scooper on them! If you don’t have a leash dispenser, you can easily carry a few bags inside your pocket too. Nothing is more embarrassing than having all eyes on you while your pup does his job, and you’re left with nothing to clean up with!

Great For Both Business and Government Use

A great advantage with poop bags is that many businesses and the government has found its convenience to be a success. When strategically placed in areas commonly visited by pet owners and their dogs, more and more owners find themselves without an excuse to clean up after their pets. The government often provides biodegradable poop bag dispensers near most dog parks. Not only does this promote better habits for pet owners, it’s also a step towards a cleaner and improved level of hygiene for all park visitors.

Helps Keep The Environment Clean

A dog’s waste can contain some very harmful bacteria that can cause sickness in people. The average dog’s waste can release a nitrogen content that can harm and deplete the oxygen levels in the water system. By immediately disposing of dog’s waste in a biodegradable bag, we not only protect the water system from being contaminated, but we also protect the air itself. The last thing we’d want is to smell a freshly baked pile of doggy doo!

Biodegradable bags are also an ideal better option than plain old plastic bags because they are safer for the landfill and degrade faster than the average plastic bag

Prevents The Spread of Illness and Infection

Like all waste and excrements, fecal matter is not sanitary and can be a venue for many illnesses, infections, or parasites that can be passed on to both humans and other animals. Some of these diseases include tapeworms, roundworms, E. Coli, Salmonellosis, Campylobacteriosis, and more.

Cost Effective

Biodegradable dog poop bags are generally cheap, especially when purchased in bulk. You can find them almost anywhere, from the local pet stores or even online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Common Courtesy

Nothing can ruin one’s mojo than accidentally stepping in the unforeseen dog turd. Apart from being completely unhygienic, it’s also really inconvenient for the victim. Nothing can infuriate you more knowing that there are countless ways to counteract having doggy doo in the most unexpected places, especially with the many easily accessible biodegradable poop bag dispensers and ease of purchase to buy a few from the local pet store!

A Responsible Pet Owner Does His Duty and Deals With The Doody!

Times have long changed the norm of dogs once running around and doing the duty to let the doody loose on the sidewalks, near the hydrant, or on the lawn. Nowadays, it is much more acceptable and well-sought out for a responsible pet owner to bring out the bag and pick up the poop.

Did you know that an astonishing forty percent of dog owners fail to clean up after their little furball? Sure, no one loves the idea of picking up a heaping pile of feces, be it small pebbles from a Chihuahua or a mud pile from a Saint Bernard… but what makes it any different if it were a little toddler who let loose on the sidewalk? Surely, you would clean up after him – and a dog shouldn’t be any different.

Gladiator DogsBut Wait! It Doesn’t Just Stop With The Bag You Use…

Choosing a biodegradable poop bag does wonders for the environment, primarily because it degrades within 6-12 months unlike regular plastic bags. However, it doesn’t just stop there. The next important step is how you dispose of it. It’s amazing if you pick up after your dog, but becomes useful if you simply attempt to throw it in the shrubs or attempt to shoot it in the bin but completely miss. How silly would that be?

There are two ways to responsibly dispose of dog poop bags. You can either dispose of them safely in a pet or dog waste station, which also often provide biodegradable poop bags, or compose of them safely well away from edible plants by digging a deep hole and disposing of the bag.

Where To Buy Biodegradable Poop Bags

These Bio Compostable Waste Bags designed by Innovet Pet are an ideal option to consider if you’re looking for some durable poop bags. They’re big enough to handle any sized poop, be it little pellets to a cannonball. The bags are made of plant starch and other food-grade polymers to ensure that the bags degrade after each use and can accommodate most standard leash dispensers.

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