Within this diet, the emphasis is on eating lots of fats and only a small amount of carbohydrates. In the first instance, many people will wonder if that is healthy, because carbohydrates are much better for you than fats.

Because it is a completely different eating method, it is not strange that you are left with questions. In this article you can read everything about the ketogenic diet. To understand how the ketogenic diet works, it is important that you know how the diet you eat now affects your body. For most people in the West, the diet consists of an average of 50 to 60% carbohydrates. We have been eating this more and more in the last century.

The ratios within the ketogenic diet are very different. You eat fats for the most part, a small amount of proteins and carbohydrates are hardly eaten. Below is the breakdown between these macro nutrient ë ingredients:

  • 65% fats
  • 30% protein
  • 5% carbohydrates

What are the Benefits?

If you continue to provide your body with fats as fuel, the liver will break down these fats. There are ketones in the blood, these are the residues that are created by breaking down fatty acids. The body will use these ketones as energy. When that happens you are in ketosis, as it is called. There are 5 major benefits of ketogenic diet.

1. Keto helps break down fat

Although your diet consists of 65% fat, this is precisely what encourages the body to burn fat. It is certainly not the case that you get fat by eating fat. Precisely because you use fat as the most important fuel, the body will use your own body fat more quickly as fuel.

2. Less appetite, more weight loss

Proteins and fats ensure that you are well saturated after a meal. They digest more slowly and prevent the hunger hormone ghrelin from being produced. As a result, you will less likely get hungry (and eat snacks). That therefore helps well in losing weight. There are also some ketogenic dietry supplements that comes in capsule forms, with 800mg of exogenous ketones, including Magnesium BHB, Calcium BHB and Sodium BHB. Such suppelements are also help to trigger ketosis quickly when you take it. Read more here https://ketogenicdiet.reviews/purefit-keto/ .

3. A better cholesterol level

Fats have a bad name. You only have to hear the word fat and people think about their cholesterol. But fats are not the culprit at all and they are even important to keep your body healthy. Then we are mainly talking about the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids and also moderately with saturated fats. And you will eat these fats more within the ketogenic diet.

A diet high in unsaturated fatty acids contributes to healthy cholesterol. They cause an increase in HDL cholesterol (which is good for you) and a decrease in LDL cholesterol (the bad). Research shows that fats are needed to keep your heart and blood vessels healthy and flexible. They help prevent cardiovascular disease. It is important to avoid trans fats. These are fats that are not natural, but are industrially formulated. These are unhealthy and harmful to your body.

4. More energy

Eating carbohydrates makes you tired. Because they cause fluctuations in blood sugar, you always experience a dip in your energy level. Eating fats and proteins keeps your blood sugar levels balanced. So it may just be that this diet will make you feel much better and feel energized and fit

5. Lose weight without calculations

Losing weight can be very complicated if you have to keep track of what you eat all day long. People diligently keep lists of what they eat, how many calories that is and how much they are allowed to eat. Can that cookie be added or that one piece of chocolate?

This is not necessary with the ketogenic diet. You don’t have to pay attention to calories, they are not important. The only thing you have to take into account is whether you get enough fats and proteins. This way you can lose weight very relaxed. So when your BMI is too high , the keto diet can be a way to lose weight.

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