Awareness and growth

Most people associate the notion of addiction with either drugs or alcohol, when this term can stand for so much more. In fact, anything we find enjoyable compels us to do it more and more, which can in time turn into an addiction. Sure, most of these addictions are not physiological (like it was the […]

  Recently, green cleaning has become popular and even fashionable. Many people turn to eco-friendly alternatives to the chemically-based cleaners available on the market. It is much cheaper and healthier.     Going green with the products you use to clean the house is just as effective as using commercial cleaners. In case you are […]

Tallow might just be the original skin smoother from our ancient ancestors because of its nourishing and skin regenerating qualities. Though we may never know when tallow’s use became widely acceptable, what we do know is that this gold wonder has, within the last few generations only, become a dirty little secret and a lost […]

A human functions when in a very systematic manner the body undergoes the processes of creation and destruction within the cells—this is called metabolism. A person’s health is the sum total of metabolic efficiency. When the efficiency level goes down a person becomes unhealthy. Why this happens is the subject of medical science and in […]

According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, more than half of men are suffering from erectile dysfunction. At around age forty an estimated forty percent of the population already battle with the condition and at seventy about seventy percent of the male population have erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction, formerly referred to as impotence, is a […]

Many definitions of alternative medicine have circulated all over the World Wide Web stemming from diverse schools of thought and this only led to confusion. Truth be told, alternative medicine has no exact definition because the boundaries are unclear. However, to simplify and to give readers an idea of what it’s all about allow me […]

How do you usually wake up in the morning? Are you optimistic, or tensed, or stressed by the day that is yet to come? Are you wondering how you are supposed to survive for another day or you don’t manage to to that at all?   Unfortunately, our modern way of life constantly dictates us […]

This has to be one of the most asked questions on the internet regarding weight loss right? Do diet shakes actually work or is it all a big con? Well today I am going to talk to you about my experiences with two of the markets most recognised diet shakes, give my review on them […]

There is a social epidemic among children, and that epidemic is that they are not socializing. Sadly, most children today are socializing over the computer in the form of Facebook, Twitter, or various chat rooms, just to name a few. And even more disconcerting is that these same children are at a higher risk of […]

By Michael A. Smith, M.D. Could the stress in your life actually impact your waistline? Now, before some of you start thinking that we’re just finding another excuse for failing to eat right and exercise, let’s explore the possible physiologic connection between stress, cortisol, and body fat. Cortisol Keeps You Alive We all have a […]

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