Awareness and growth

How do you usually wake up in the morning? Are you optimistic, or tensed, or stressed by the day that is yet to come? Are you wondering how you are supposed to survive for another day or you don’t manage to to that at all?   Unfortunately, our modern way of life constantly dictates us […]

This has to be one of the most asked questions on the internet regarding weight loss right? Do diet shakes actually work or is it all a big con? Well today I am going to talk to you about my experiences with two of the markets most recognised diet shakes, give my review on them […]

There is a social epidemic among children, and that epidemic is that they are not socializing. Sadly, most children today are socializing over the computer in the form of Facebook, Twitter, or various chat rooms, just to name a few. And even more disconcerting is that these same children are at a higher risk of […]

By Michael A. Smith, M.D. Could the stress in your life actually impact your waistline? Now, before some of you start thinking that we’re just finding another excuse for failing to eat right and exercise, let’s explore the possible physiologic connection between stress, cortisol, and body fat. Cortisol Keeps You Alive We all have a […]

Background   Testosterone is a steroid hormone that belongs to the family of the androgen group and is normally found in mammals, reptiles, birds and other types of vertebrates. For mammals, testosterone is mainly released in the testicles of men and ovaries of women, but only a small amount are released from the adrenal glands. […]

When talking about green food, you may think that it is only related to the vegetables and plants that can regenerate when some parts are taken from them. In this article, you will find an explanation why stone crab claws are considered as green food.   First, you should know that stone crab claws belong […]

Estrogen is for females as testosterone is for males. Responsible for the proper development of male sexual characteristics, testosteroneis the main anabolic and sexual hormone that is responsible for sexual desire and function, densification of bones and muscular hypertrophy and aids in protein synthesis. In other words, testosterone defines a man’s “masculinity” as shown in […]

Think of this guide as “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Safer Sex.” With 19 million new infections every year, STIs are one of the most critical health challenges facing the nation today, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And while being sexually active does come with physical, as well as […]

Error of any kind is not desired for but it may actually cause some serious damage if it is done with regard to medicines. Medication management is taken more seriously now day due to the careful scrutiny of government agencies with regard to medical negligence. Starting from normal medication to handling cases involving narcotics, mechanical […]

Weight loss is in everyone’s lips so to speak. Have you ever gone through a day without noticing someone making a statement or a gesture hinting that he/she wants to start losing weight? I mean seriously, most of the time we just cover our gestures with humor, but you know what they say about jokes […]

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