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TEDx conference examines how to bring about optimum physical and emotional wellness to today’s children and ultimately end childhood obesity. Hilton Head, SC (November 2011)—Many of today’s young people face a crisis. Not only will they likely live shorter lives than their parents, but during their lifetimes, they won’t live as well as the generations […]

Hello First Lady, Michelle Obama, I’m Darryl Roberts, the director of the documentary “America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments.” My new documentary takes a look at why BMI is misguided and how we can be healthy at a wide variety of sizes. Before I get into that, I want to mention that we have […]

Do positive affirmations and positive thoughts really work? Does thinking positively about yourself, your external environment and your reality actually produce positive effects and create noticeable change? Can you cure yourself of disease simply by affirming yourself to be healthy and whole? Having a positive outlook can alter your perception of reality which can be […]

Menopause is recognized around the world in October with World Menopause Day. Menopause affects women from all around the globe – it may be different for each one but it will definitely have some kind of an effect on them. The key is to minimize the negative effects so that this will be a time […]

Hershey customers aim to “scare” the company into using fair trade cocoa by Halloween HERSHEY, PA///October 25, 2011/// – Hershey customers and ethical cocoa advocates delivered more than 100,000 petition signatures to Hershey’s corporate headquarters today calling on the company to commit to buying ethically produced cocoa. This delivery comes on the heels of three […]

I recently led a meditation, transformation and healing retreat at EarthRise IONS Retreat Center in Sonoma County, Calif. The event drew people from across the country, including medical doctors, acupuncturists, cancer patients, counselors, students of integrative medicine, and those interested in learning more about meditation and healing. The retreat offered an in-depth opportunity to learn […]

I recently discussed the principles of integrative medicine in oncology and shared the latest research on the role of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) in the treatment of cancer at an international oncology conference in Rhodes, Greece. This conference, titled “The 16th World Congress on Advances in Oncology and 14th International Symposium on Molecular Medicine,” brought […]

Did you ever feel the electromagnetic stress (technostress)? This is what we feel after hours spend in an electromagnetic environment created by the electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones, personal computers, TV: uneasiness of the body and of the nervous system. Eyes dry, there are pains in the eyes, headaches, feeling of fatigue, washed-out feeling, […]

By Roxanne Peterson A warning: the electric cigarette is only the best birthday gift for smokers who want to quit! Remember that or you’ll be in for a shock when your intended gift recipient opens the ecig pack you’ve bought them. They’ll think it’s just a real packet of cigarettes and they’ll want to know […]

Tips to follow if you are an anxious person Try yoga/pilates: Focusing on your breathing may make you feel calmer because when you concetrate on one thing, you mind doesn´t wander as much.- Hit the gym: Regular exercise isn´t a cure-all for anxiety, but it may help reduce tension, which in turn reduces levels of […]

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