Here in the UK, we are fortunate enough that we have the capability to produce a rather incredible amount of food. Historically unprecedented, agriculture today has today hit new heights as new methods and technological innovations enable the entire nation to be fed many times over. As this infographic shows, literally as the seconds’ tick by, […]

The sweltering summer is taking rounds and while I’m sure you all are hoping for a mild weather in order to cut down on your rising energy bills. We understand that sipping chilled drinks and taking a deep dive in the pool is not the only resort to beat the heat. We need to switch […]

Basil They needs warmth and regular watering and it can be tricky to grow in colder areas but will flourish in a pot in a sunny spot ( you can raise six or more plants in a small pot). Basil in pots should be watered from the bottom – sit the container in a deep […]

Littlesun is a design by Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottesen and it is a lamp that is powered by solar energy and is made by a solar panel that can be charged during the day and has 105 LEDs. According to the designers with 4 hours of charging in direct sunlight can provide five hours […]

The features that should have these hotels are: Respect the environment in which it is located. This means the hotels are right on the beach or in a protected location may not be considered organic. Food should be organic: organic fruit and vegetables, seasonal. It is also important to respect the traditions and local culture, […]

Sea level worldwide has risen worldwide because of melting icecaps. Together with the University of Colorado Boulder, the researchers measured the global ice loss between 2003 and 2010 instruments GRACE space mission conducted by NASA and the German Aerospace Center, and mainly studied glaciers and ice caps outside Greenland and Antarctica. According to data collected, […]

By Dr. David Katz Today many parents are finding themselves in a difficult battle against their child’s or teen’s obesity. Faced with few options, an increasing number of parents are okaying bariatric surgery to help end their teen’s obesity. Dr. David Katz warns of the dangers of this approach and offers an effective alternative. Hilton Head, […]

We know that radiations of Gamma rays and X rays, if they are bombed at a high power, do have an important influence on human body. Solar light and ultra violet rays do not only cause sunburn, they can induce skin cancer and skin ageing, which is a source of anxiety, especially for women. Among […]

Chopped fresh branches of this species can be applied to the skin to ward off mosquitoes and other insects in and know its characteristics This species is native to Europe and Asia Minor, adventitia in many regions, where climatic conditions are similar to their places of origin. Shrub up to one meter high, glabrous, slightly […]

You may have noticed that energy and electricity costs are on the rise, particularly in the USA. Considering the economic downturn, that can put a real strain on any household budget. You don’t have to settle for that, though. In fact, there are some easy things that you can do which will: • Save Energy […]

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