Scented consumer products such as air fresheners, laundry detergents, deodorants and shampoos give off many chemicals, including some that are classified as toxic, but a new study finds that these chemicals often aren’t listed on the products’ labels. U.S. researchers analyzed 25 commonly used scented products, and found that they emit an average of 17 […]

According to the specialist in polar regions, Peter Wadhams, the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free and become an open passage for navigation within ten years. Inspection Information Catlin Arctic supports the new consensus view that the Arctic will be ice-free in about 20 years. The expedition traveled 435 kilometers of ice earlier this year and […]

The Amazon rainforest and the desert of Chihuahua, corals or the Bengal tiger are among the ten regions or species considered wonders of nature and that are threatened by climate change, warned yesterday the World Wide Fund for Nature. Between 30 percent and 60 percent of the Amazon jungle, home of 40 000 plants and […]

Although the Earth is mostly covered by water, the proportion prepared for human consumption is very little. The worst thing is that any action against them affects the whole environmental chain. The picture of the damage to the waters begin by pesticides, which are insecticides, fungicides and herbicides used by the agricultural industry. Decades ago, […]

The list of the places, in no particular order is: 1 Riachuelo Basin, Argentina The Riachuelo Basin is a waterway whose name is synonymous with pollution. More than 3,500 factories operate along the banks of the river, a landscape that also includes 13 slums, numerous illegal sewage pipes running directly into the river, and 42 […]

The experts said that they can restrict the hunt, the marine traffic and the petroleum activity out of the coast, but it will not be enough if the basic habitat of these animals, the ice, continues melting. Definitively, this goes beyond my scope “, said Joel Garlich-Miller, an expert in walruses of the Service of […]

The marine aptitude to absorb carbon dioxide is exhausting in another sample of the excessive emisión of gases greenhouse caused by the activity of the man in the Herat. A recently study of the Nacional Geographic indicated that between 2000 and 2007,as consecuense of the emisión of this gas the oceanic absorption of the carbon […]

The process across how the plants grow and produce more quantity of vegetable biomass is one of the most important biological processes in the planet. An international team of scientists has presented a new  study that demonstrates that, as the vegetable  species in the  world become extinct the natural habitats become less productive and contain […]

Pollution exposure during pregnancy reduces the IQ of children, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics. The study was conducted by the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health and National Institute for Health of United States. At five years 249 children were studied from the City of new york. The results showed that […]

DISCOVER THE KNOWLEDGE OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES WHO HAVE THROUGHOUT THE AGES MAINTAINED HEALTH, WELLNESS AND SUSTAINABILITY At a time when institutions and ecosystems are collapsing, Blue Deer Center: A Healing Retreat Center and Home for Ancestral Traditions houses native teachings and practices that provide balance and sustainability. These ancient health and wellness methods recognize that […]

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