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Worldwide, there is a strong belief that sweat is the main cause behind ringworm and avoiding it can save us from ringworm. But if that was the truth, then almost everyone would have fallen prey to this fungal infection. But since it is not so, it proves that sweat is not the reason, so let’s […]

Does floatation therapy sounds familiar? Floatation therapy is also known as the sensory deprivation tank or the isolation tank which is quite interesting to many people. According to some research, this new kind of discovered therapy is being done with the help of a float tank. This tank is filled with water that contains a […]

Many of us live in a work-obsessed culture that emphasizes working hard, and limiting vacation time so that you can maximize results and benefits to the company. However, studies have shown that when employees take vacations, there is a significant decrease in work absenteeism as well as a major reduction in burnout. If you’re looking […]

Let’s be honest; getting children to get enough fruits and vegetables can be a real pain sometimes. Try as we might, they can be stubborn and dislike trying new, strange looking plants on their plates. Usually, parents can get their kids to eat some fruits; the difficult part is to get the vegetables in them […]

Are you one of those, who go to the gym empty handed or do not not know what essentials do you need to carry to the gym? If yes, then hold on we have got the best gym bag essentials lined up, which are perfect for anyone and any goal. Whether you’re starting out or […]

The weight of life in the 21st century can sometimes be just a tad too great to bear, and bulletproof nerves are of little help once accumulated stress comes down full-force on the hitting plate of your inner King of the Hammers. Medical and psychological studies into the effects of stress are unanimous in their […]

Playing any kind of sport is going to help your kid develop properly and improve their motor skills. But, one sport will help children develop their skills and capacities more than others – soccer. Soccer requires a lot of movement: running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking, skipping and many others. These movements make up the foundation […]

With an abundance of conflicting information bombarding us from all sides, it is crucial to grasp the hard, scientific facts. Sarcopenia is a harbinger of declining health, a medical condition that often accompanies us on the path to aging. It kicks in after we enter the fourth decade of our lives and involves the loss […]

Getting a divorce is never pretty and you probably never thought it will come to this. The spouses might agree to do it, but still it is bound to cause a lot of stress and put you through a number of uncomfortable situations. You might face judgment from your family and friends. Stress and depression […]

Caring for an elderly family member with Alzheimer’s can prove to be difficult, regardless of what stage your loved one is going through. It is your job to make sure your family member stays up-to-date with doctor appointments, prescriptions, and various social activities. You will also need to be the supportive relative that helps their […]

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