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Concentrating on your exercises and also not your nutrition is a little just like kicking the tires of your car without having examined the gas tank. Post- workout nutrition is a crucial portion of any exercise regime. Just Eating the wrong thing might negate your effort; eat the correct thing, still and you might be […]

You may be monitoring your calorie intake diligently, but your biggest enemy may be your sweet tooth. When you eat more calories than what you actually burn, you tend to gain weight. Much of these calories come from sweet foods and controlling this craving may be quite a challenge. Instead of forcing yourself to resist […]

At the present age and time, more and more people are now realizing the significance of living a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways to improve overall health is by means of juicing. This is because juicing is known to enhance the health, augment your energy and fight health problems. Some of the health […]

  Christmas is coming and you are probably wondering what meals to place on the table this year. For a light way to spend the day, you had better go for healthy and vegetarian courses. This is a fantastic idea as it will minimize your time in the kitchen. As a result you will have […]

Cold winter days suppose longer peridos of time spent at home and eating more carbohydrate high-fat foods, more junk food and  pastry.   If you feel that your stomach cannot take it anymore, try going organic. You need a fresh and halthy meal for cold winter days? Then you are going to like this article. […]

Pumpkin soups, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin puree – all these are absolutely amazing and delicious. But did you know that pumpkin is considered as extremely beneficial for our health? That is correct! It is not only tasty, but it has an infinite number of health benefits, which automatically make it one of the best ‘superfoods‘ in […]

Ovens have been our primary help in cooking food in the kitchen. The first oven was found in Central Europe, and was believed to be dating to 29,000 BC. It was being used by the early people for roasting and boiling. They are usually big enough to contain mammoth parts. As time went by there […]

Do you want to live healthy and happy? That perception is absolutely false. Many ladies do not dare to make a meal if there is no meat. The meat has many benefits but is highly toxic and harmful waste leaves the body. When you use animal fat for soup you are clogging your arteries and […]

Swine Flu Is Serious Business by Sandy Powers A report just released by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology estimates 30 to 50 percent of Americans could be infected with swine flu this fall and winter. The projection of deaths is 90,000, more than twice as many deaths than in a typical […]

Ingredients: · 4 tuna steaks, 6 ounces each · Kosher salt · Black pepper · oil Zucchini pasta: · 4 cups Julienne green and gold Zucchini · 2 tsp kosher salt Artichoke Sauce: · 16 oz peel, seeded and diced  tomatoes · 1 medium yellow onion diced · 3 cloves garlic minced · 1 tsp […]

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