When we’re finishing up a delicious home cooked meal, we often take our plates over to the bin and scrape away the leftovers without giving it a moment’s thought. If it’s not enough to warrant another serving, why keep it? This casual disposal of leftover is common throughout the UK and countless other countries, but […]

Sometimes we underestimate the cost of small things that are recurrent for years or even for a lifetime, such as contacts or glasses. This infographic is a good way to compare the real cost of something that you’ll have to renew periodically vs a one time surgery. Cost shouldn’t be the main driver for taking […]

Fish tanks are able to create a unique atmosphere in any room, no matter if it comes to your home, office, another public building, a hotel or a high-class restaurant. However, the impression created by it will not be the same if the tank is dirty and poorly maintained, and filled with muddy water and […]