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How are your New Year’s resolutions going? I bet there was one concerning your diet on the list, wasn’t there? Did you starve yourself for a couple of weeks and then go back to normal, gaining the lost pounds back? I thought so. Sudden and drastic diet changes do not help our body to stay […]

Many of us are trapped in a lose-weight-gain-weight cycle. We see the pounds dropping quickly and then slowly coming back, and sometimes with some extra friends. It can be very frustrating after all the effort we put into achieving our slimming goals. Keeping the weight you’ve dropped off can be a hard challenge. But don’t […]

We consume loads of unhealthy ingredients with our daily diets without realizing its impact. We often realize its impact only after suffering from some type of health related issues. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of the diet that we take on the daily basis. Toxic materials that are available on the number […]

Losing Weight with the help of pills come with side effects. The pills affect your body and its functioning. They result in increased blood pressure and cause Insomnia and Constipation. The side effects do not show up immediately but symptoms of the above are noticed over a period of time. Why take Pills, when there […]

A good diet is essential for overall health. To maintain good health first you need to know what a good diet is.  And the items to be included in your meals and must be aware of what to be avoided. You must also know which food works for you.  There are many ways to maintain […]

Over the past several decades, the average American diet has changed to include huge portions of fast food. Fried chicken, cheeseburger, fries, and milkshake may whet your appetite but it can cause major health and waistline problems. Fast food restaurants not only serve high calorie meals but bigger portions as well, a double-edge sword which […]

If you are in the process of recuperating from an injury or just went through surgery, then you need to heal fast in order to get back on to your usual routine. Apart from taking the medications that your doctor prescribed, there are foods that you can eat in order to speed up your healing […]

White tea White tea is the most antioxidant of all existing varieties of tea. White tea is good for losing weight. White tea for skin can be very beneficial. Is that its consumption would help to elastinand collagen, two major structural proteins for the skin. White tea contains less caffeine than other teas, because, being younger, has not suffered widespread oxidation.   Red tea Increases caloric expenditure by increasing the body’s metabolism, thus, burn calories faster. It is an excellent detoxifying the liver, which helps eliminate toxins and waste from the […]

Obesity has become such an epidemic in the United States, the FDA is considering approving a new prescription weight-loss drug – despite safety concerns about it. It seems the health effects of being overweight override officials’ concerns about Qnexa, a drug the FDA rejected two years ago. That shocks weight-loss expert Don Ochs, who says […]

The onion is a plant that gives us a lot of benefits because of their medicinal and healing properties, contributes to a healthy, balanced diet, rich in properties that make it a general tonic and stimulant appetizing. Contains vitamins A, B and C, can treat all types of respiratory and nervous system. Also provides iron, […]

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