For many decades the German Shepherd has held the top place in the world of Police and Working Dogs. It is justly called the Blind Man’s seeing eyes, the protector of home and property, the guardian of the Herds, the Police-Man’s true companion, the long arm of the plain-clothes man, the four legged shelter from […]

Pets and children both need parenting. Both need to learn how to treat each other. Both need supervision and limits to their behavior. Children will need an adult’s help training their pet. A pet is ultimately the responsibility of the adult, not the child. Take an active role in teaching children how to pet and […]

What is Rage Syndrome? Rage Syndrome is a serious but rare uncharacteristic behavioral problem that has been reported in several breeds (particularly in Spaniels). Rage Syndrome is often incorrectly diagnosed as it is sometimes confused with other forms of aggression. What are the symptoms? Sudden attacks for no apparent reason; the dog will often be […]

House cats are a growing source of human plague. Cats pick up the disease from infected fleas or rodents, perhaps a deer mouse, rock squirrel, or prairie dog, and pass it on when they bite, scratch, or lick humans. Even the breath of an infected cat with oral lesions can transmit plague bacteria. Before 1977, […]

Origins and History Historical notes: the definition of a Belgian Sheepdog depends a bit on what country you are in. The Belgian Sheepdog encompasses four varieties, according to the official breeders’ organizations of the UK, Canada, and South Africa. In the words of the Belgian Sheepdog Association of Great Britain, the varieties are: “Groenendael (long […]

When Dogs Might Bite? Poorly trained, socialized and maintained: Dogs that do not know how to coexist with humans, that do not get to experience and become comfortable with things in our world, dogs confused or allowed to be in positions where they may feel the need to bite are more likely to bite. This […]

Rehabilitation Workers work with people who have a visual impairment, to develop or adapt their existing skills and abilities, enabling them to lead an independent life. From initial assessment of an individual client’s needs and planning a mutually-agreed training program, the rehabilitation worker will teach communication, mobility and living skills . We love our dogs […]

Chocolate is a delicious thing and almost everyone loves it. The problem begins when you decide to give some to your dog. The worst thing a Wonka bar can do to you is add an inch to your hips. But that same candy – even in relatively small amounts – can make a dog or […]

The Amounts we Feed I will begin this section by saying that it is a good idea to fast a dog that is over a year every now and then. Some do it once a week – we used to do this but dont anymore. We do not do this with puppies, lactating bitches or […]

The best diets for both dogs and cats are natural ones, coming as close as possible to the diet they would eat in the wild. Cats are naturally carnivorous and have a high protein requirement, while dogs tend to be more scavenging and eat more of a variety of foods, requiring less protein than cats. […]

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