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Perhaps the most effective method of diabetes and pre-diabetes (Metabolic Syndrome) prevention is a healthy, low-glycemic index diet combined with regular exercise, stress relief and supplementation with a variety of natural compounds. These supplements are aimed at balancing blood sugar, increasing your cell’s insulin uptake and reducing inflammation, which can contribute to a cluster of […]

A new study just published in the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine claims that taking supplements, including multivitamins, poses an increased risk in mortality, particularly for women. The authors draw the sweeping conclusion that the widespread use of dietary supplements is unjustified and “causes more harm than good.” This is clearly a political […]

One out of every six men in this country is struggling with prostate cancer, and wading through your various treatment options can be confusing. Many factors come into play in your fight against prostate cancer—and being familiar with the latest in prostate cancer research is the best way to ensure that you’re making the right […]

As an integrative medicine practitioner, I have been treating patients for over 25 years using allopathic medicine in combination with a wide range of health-promoting botanicals and nutrients.  I am also an expert researcher and product formulator, and base each of my nutritional supplement formulas on scientific substantiation combined with traditional botanical wisdom. As such, […]

New research published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine shows Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) has powerful immune boosting properties. The study uses human blood samples to demonstrate the ability of a specific form of Modified Citrus Pectin to very significantly induce and enhance the benefits of T-cytotoxic cells and human Natural Killer (NK) cells. The NK-cell’s cancer […]

I recently shared the latest news in the prevention and treatment of cancer at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Integrative Oncology Fellowship. The June 2011 event held in Las Vegas, Nevada brought together some of the world’s leading medical experts to educate physicians, health practitioners and scientists on advancements in the fields of […]

The iceberg has melted in the medical world as scientists begin to unlock the mysteries of our genetic codes. The old way of thinking – that you are destined to experience a particular disease or condition because it “runs in your family” – is now an outmoded view of how the body works. Genetics certainly […]

In a new important research study out of the UK, scientists found that Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) of the correct molecular weight interrupts deadly kidney fibrosis by binding to and blocking galectin-3 molecules. By disabling the galectin-3 molecules, MCP decreased the effects of inflammation and fibrosis in a kidney injury model. New uses for MCP? […]

Pomegranates are an ancient Mediterranean fruit which have recently been recognized as one of the many “new” super foods offering a myriad of health benefits. Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, which are natural compounds that protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. The concentrated antioxidants found in this amazing red fruit can actually promote […]

Herbal ingredients and natural nutrients are often capable of supporting different functions within the body, and current research is showing that a certain kind of honey may be useful in fighting drug-resistant germs. Honey has been used for thousands of years, but its medicinal popularity fell when antibiotics became the go-to treatment. Raw, natural honey […]

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