Scientific Advances

Accurate breast imaging technologies have been a hot political issue in the world of medicine for the last decade. With the re-evaluation of the effectiveness of mammograms by the American Cancer Society in 2009, experts have begun to debate whether mammography is indeed a flawed technology, providing less than accurate diagnostic information in many cases. […]

One of the top searched keywords for our website is water air purifiers which we figured had to either be a mistake or just plain ol’ silly. Our thinking was that if you’re trying to purify the air, why would you need water? We were dead wrong! After searching the internet one day, we […]

Older women who get regular dental care are about one-third less likely to suffer from heart disease than those who don’t, new findings suggest. The study doesn’t prove that dental care directly improves the heart health of women by lowering the risk of conditions like heart attack and stroke, and dental care seemed to have […]

One more reason to care for plants: those that bloom, cool the planet and refresh it. That is at least the results of a climate model published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The effect is more notorius in the Amazon basin, where flowering plants replacement with the ones that do not blosom mean […]

Babies who are fed only with breast milk in the first stage of childhood tend to eat less later than babies fed with formula milk, according to recent research. This type of food self-regulation may help explain why previous research has found that breast milk protects against obesity. “The child self-regulation may, in fact, be […]

Playing make your belly look slim. This is the main conclusion of a detailed study by the University of Castilla-La Mancha, which shows that physical activity focused on the game during a period of approximately four and half hours a week reduce childhood obesity in 6%. The research draws this conclusion after two years working […]

Offshore wind energy is, as the onshore wind, an application of the force produced by the wind. The difference from the ground gained is that the wind turbines (windmills) are located offshore. The cost of installation is much higher than land areas, but also its lifetime is greater. Furthermore, the costs of foundations and anchors […]

The consumption of chocolate is “strongly associated with reduced cardiac mortality in people – not diabetic, who have survived a heart attack,” says the study published in the September issue of the Journal of Internal Medicine. And this beneficial relationship is dose dependent, meaning that increases with the amount ingested, the study goes on to […]

A biotechnology firm creates a promising treatment An experimental treatment developed by Genentech firm of US has obtained through genetic modification allowed a vegetable substance significantly reduce cancerous skin tumors developed, according to results of a clinical study. This drug, GDC-0449, taken orally, blocks a protein called “hedgehog”, which plays an important role in the […]

The richness of life where mega Colombian landscapes contrast with the number of deaths that occur every year by one of the most malignant diseases of the XXI century. According to the American Cancer Society, 7 million 600 thousand people died worldwide by the disease in 2007. Research Group of Animal Biotechnology at the National […]

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