People are often worried about bad breath, which can affect social relations and lead to low self-esteem and embarrassment. Bad breath can be caused by poor oral hygiene, as well as other causes. It is often difficult to treat, despite all efforts to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth. There are many factors involved in providing fresh and […]

This disease affects the eye health and is presented with eye irritation, sore dry eye or headaches. Here are some useful tips:   Avoid glare from windows on the screen. Adjust the lighting and contrast of your computer. Working with a temperature between 40 and 65 percent humidity. Use artificial tears. Rest in sight for ten minutes every […]

On average there are about thirteen glands in a normal human body, with variations dependent on age and gender. One of the most important but generally less talked about glands is the thyroid. A very important gland, the thyroid’s purpose is imperative to good health and when it becomes dysfunctional, it can wreak havoc. How […]

Usually begins innocently as a desire to overcome disease, lose weight, or improve health, but it mainly affects people with low self-esteem, psicorigidos, perfectionists and lovers of the subsistence. Orthorexia is a disease associated with an obsession with eating healthy together with bulimia and anorexia can lead to death. This situation occurs in those people […]

Signs and symptoms may include:   Spend many hours thinking about healthy diet. Show a clear obsession by what you eat. More concerned about the quality of food than the pleasure of consuming them. The quality of the food exceeds the pleasure which feels to eat them. Decline in their quality of life as increases […]

The sexsomnia is a sleep disorder that affects men and women between 40 and 45 years, but is more common in men. This is the performance of sexual acts during sleep without being aware of it. For example, masturbation, intercourse, and in some cases sexual violence. This rare condition usually occur during REM sleep, where […]

PSA test The PSA test is a blood test that measures levels of prostate-specific antigen, a protein produced by cells of the prostate gland. It tends to show up on cancer cells, so higher levels of the antigen could be a sign of tumors. Men normally have low levels of PSA, but those levels may […]

Several risk factors indicate prediabetes, also known as metabolic syndrome. All of these factors pave the way toward insulin and metabolic problems if you do not make the proper lifestyle changes necessary to control them. Of these changes, dietary awareness is one of the most fundamental. If you are fighting prediabetes, be judicious when planning […]

Never Fear Cancer Again, a groundbreaking book on preventing and reversing cancer, has just been published by Health Communications, Inc. The author, Raymond Francis, M.Sc., says that despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research, the War on Cancer has been a colossal failure, with cancer rates soaring and survival rates showing no real […]

Menopause affects women from all around the globe – it may be different for each one but it will definitely have some kind of an effect on them. The key is to minimize the negative effects so that this will be a time of celebration rather than a time of dread. Doctors Lovera Wolf Miller […]

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