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Within this diet, the emphasis is on eating lots of fats and only a small amount of carbohydrates. In the first instance, many people will wonder if that is healthy, because carbohydrates are much better for you than fats. Because it is a completely different eating method, it is not strange that you are left […]

Dreaming of a home that smells like heaven? If yes then we got you covered, and what’s even more riveting is that you don’t have to break your budget. A few drops of concentrated essential oils in a diffuser will help add bursts of lovely, natural fragrance to your space. This coupled up with good […]

If both the scale and the mirror say that you need to do something about the way your body looks and feels, then you’d better start planning. But you should know that reaching a more natural weight for your body will not just help you from an aesthetic point of view, as it will also […]

According to the American Health Council’s new ‘Guidelines for Healthy Nutrition’ , we need to drink at least one or two cups of green or black tea every day. Maybe you are a real coffee drinker and you can not start your day without a cup of black gold. Nevertheless, research has shown that it […]

We all know that fresh fruit juice is very healthy. But what is the best way to make nice drinks from all those fruits bursting with vitamins? Do you opt for the convenience of a juicer or is the slow technology of a slowjuicer better? We will go into this and other questions extensively on […]

If you’re a keen home cook, chances are you’re quite clued up on the latest food trends and cooking techniques out there. If you’re the kind of person who watches Masterchef, you may well have heard of sous vide cooking before. If you haven’t, sous vide cooking is becoming more and more popular with home […]

If you keep up with the cosmetic industry, you have probably heard about Baby Botox. Luckily, it does not involve babies. To put things simply, Baby Botox is basically the practice of injecting about half the standard dose of Botox to achieve more subtle and natural looking results. With a standard dose of Botox, the […]

Building muscle mass requires a lot of motivation and discipline. The training of muscles is not only about regular visits to the gym, but also about the right balance between all kinds of aspects. Below you will find 8 tips and requirements to train muscles and build muscle mass effectively. 1. Combine muscles with a […]

  Massage therapy includes manual stimulation and manipulation of the muscles and skin. But there are several types of massage depending on your health and your massage goals. The two common types of massage that have some similarities are deep tissue and sports massage. Finding the difference between these two types of massage can help […]

Choosing a facility for your elderly loved ones is quite a challenging task. It is not at all to be taken lightly and therefore, one must put in a lot of time and effort into this search. This is a very difficult moment for everyone in the family and a very sensitive issue. Whether you’re […]

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